Serving Caviar at Holiday Parties Serving caviar at holiday parties takes your event to a new level of sophistication; no matter the size or scale of your gathering. Just seeing this “food of the gods” on the menu has a way of making every guest feel indulged.  It is also the perfect holiday hors d'oeuvre because of the ease of preparation. And, as long as the host adheres to a few simple serving guidelines, this gourmet appetizer almost always become the centerpiece on your holiday table.  In other words, serving caviar at holiday parties adds a distinctive element that makes the occasion memorable; especially for those being introduced to this delicacy for the first time.
Buying the Perfect Corporate Gift Basket buying the perfect corporate gift basketCorporate gift giving differs from buying a gift for a family member, lover or friend. For one thing, business giving is so important that it can seriously impact the relationship an employer or corporation has with its employees and clients.  Surveys of corporate gift givers and recipients indicate that corporations who gave gifts were twice as likely to increase employee satisfaction and improve customer relationships than those without a gift program in place. However, buying the perfect corporate gift basket, card or memorabilia can present a challenge if it turns out to the wrong gift idea for the individual.
Some of the best caviar recipes, not surprisingly, happen to be the enduring classics that have been enjoyed throughout the years.  For instance, the presence of an elegant caviar-topped blini is an expected treat at most sophisticated affairs.  Unfortunately, the fragile texture and distinctive flavor of caviar add a level of complexity that narrows the criteria for what makes a great caviar recipe.  Nevertheless, high-end restaurant chefs and caviar enthusiasts have come up with a few innovative ways to savor this decadent fare. 
What is Amur Ossetra Caviar? Ossetra CaviarIf you are a caviar enthusiast, it is likely Amur Ossetra Caviar will be the star among the rich medley of holiday fare to savor this season. With the approach of winter many of us are gearing up for elegant gatherings and luxury dining. The pearlescence of the crisp roe of Ossetra caviar makes it a striking addition to any elegant affair.  
Alternatives to Illegal Beluga Caviar Beluga Caviar The challenge to find suitable alternatives to Beluga caviar has resulted in a delightful exploration of a range of surprisingly close caviar variations. Traditional Beluga caviar/HUSO HUSO (scientific name) is harvested from the roe of the Beluga Sturgeons that were mostly found in the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea basin.  Despite exaggerated spikes in the cost of this caviar, consistent demand that led to overfishing coupled with environmental changes resulted in a serious threat of extinction for the Beluga population.
Ever Wondered... What Does Caviar Taste Like?  what does caviar taste likeIf you ask ten or more people to describe the taste of caviar it is reasonable to expect a range of responses.  A little appreciated fact is that the caviar itself rather than the individual preference determines the true answer to the question what does caviar taste like.  For instance, a consummate caviar consumer will tell you that comparing the taste of high quality caviar such as the restricted Beluga (or its close variant, Golden Imperial Osetra), to a $10 caviar from a supermarket shelf is much like contrasting the meat in a fast food burger with a Wagyu steak or the pate of chicken liver with foie gras
Your Employees Are Tired of the Fruit and Nuts. Here are the Best Employee Gift Ideas  employee-gift-ideas Whether it’s for a birthday, the upcoming holidays or for a perfect project outcome, employee gift ideas are often elusive. Frankly, most employees expect the typical fruit and nut package or gift certificate. A savvy way to switch things up is with a few non-traditional holiday gift basket ideas. The gift basket ideas for employees is a unique and thoughtful way to let your staff know that they are appreciated.  It begins with evaluating your options for employee gift ideas and then checking out the range of holiday gift basket ideas that are available. 
Fish Roe Explained: Fish Roe vs Caviar  Fish Roe vs. CaviarThe frequent interplay on the words fish roe and caviar often overshadow the unique difference between them.  Thanks to the explosion of information available today, the mystique surrounding caviar has been gradually diminishing.  Also, as prohibitive costs for this cuisine moderate and the consumer base gradually expands, the fish roe vs caviar question naturally comes into focus. 
Recipes Using Caviar: 3 Easy Caviar Appetizers Recipes Using CaviarThe great thing about caviar is that you don’t need a lot to make a statement.  As our global community shrinks and the spectrum of interest in caviar broadens, more people are wanting to experience this luxury food. Presenting a tray of appetizers topped with this delicacy has the power make a mundane dining event a little more memorable.  As a result, people are getting more creative about using caviar in recipes.  So, go ahead and wow your guest at the next party or impromptu gathering of friends with these three easy appetizer recipes using caviar.