Dried (Gourmet) Mushrooms

Do you have a lot of dried mushrooms in your pantry? Dry mushrooms are the extension of a spice cabinet, or you can call them an essential ingredient in every kitchen. This is known as one of the oldest or most ancient forms of food preservation. Most of the dried (gourmet) mushrooms weigh because they have moisture and intense flavors. In this blog, we are sharing some tips and tricks to store and cook dried mushrooms.


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Tips for Storing and using Dried Mushrooms:

Keep the dried (gourmet) mushrooms in a dry and dark place. You can also store this in the freezer to extend its shelf life. To reconstitute the mushrooms, rinse them and then place them in a specific amount of heat-proof bowl. Cover this bowl with warm to hot water for at least 20 minutes until it goes soft and springy. You can weigh the mushrooms down with the plate when they float. Once it is rehydrated, you can lift it from the bowl with the spoon and drain it. Now, you can set the mushrooms on the paper towel to absorb the remaining moisture.

You can keep the mushroom liquor to use in any other recipe. Don’t waste any part of the mushroom because you can use that water in sauces, soups, pasta, etc. You can reduce the flavor by adding the level of alcohol and then finishing this with the cream laces and truffle butter.

If you don’t need mushroom liquor immediately, then you can freeze it in the ice cube tray. You can enhance the taste of sauces with just a few drops of mushroom essence. You can add this to any recipe.


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Here, Check The Few Ideas for Cooking with Dried Mushrooms

You can add the Dried (gourmet)mushrooms to enhance the flavors of stews and soups. In the slow cooker or the soup pot, you can simply add the soaked and chopped mushrooms. Mushroom liquor infused with the fungi flavor can enhance its aromatic taste and meaty texture. You can also add Dried Porcini with the pair of chestnuts.

The deep flavors of dried mushrooms will be appreciated when you cook them gently. The mushroom liquor will infuse the braising liquid with the extra umami. If you want to explore the delicate taste of porcini, then try the dried mushrooms.

Have you ever tasted the apricot-scented golden Dried (gourmet)mushrooms? The dried stems of mushroom can taste well with your favorite salmon, chicken, and pork recipes. You can also add some dried mushrooms in the Risotto and Pasta. It can taste well when you add this in enough amount. You can also complement the dish with an egg. Before you add mushroom, make sure it is dry.



You can also prepare a mushroom burger and add some cheese to this. This is rich and earthy in flavor, fragment, etc. If you want to kickstart your journey to add dried mushrooms, then follow the above tips and tricks. Start your journey today and prepare the next dish with dried mushrooms.  



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