Does Caviar Taste Fishy?

Caviar may be served more frequently at upscale events. They are mostly topped on the luxurious delicacies. You can find only a few dishes that are as sophisticated as caviar. This has made people curious about what it is and why it is so expensive. Caviar is commonly known as the fish eggs. So, usually, people think it must taste fishy. But does Caviar taste fishy? Let’s get to know this gourmet delight to understand how it tastes before you spend your money on this luxurious product.

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Caviar Origin and its Road to become the Elegant Gourmet

Caviar are generally from century-old sturgeon fish with unfertilized eggs. There are about twenty-seven different sturgeon fish around the world. Every different species offers a unique profile of flavor and comes in unique colors. Beluga, Sevruga, and Ossetra are the most common species of sturgeon to produce caviar. These ancient fish species are naturally from the Caspian Sea. Many wild species are also from the Black Sea.


Many parts of the world now culture caviar due to its growing popularity. Most of the sturgeon species are endangered now, which makes caviar production highly regulated. Many produce caviar roe in salt water. The taste profile is not very different in freshwater caviar. Next, they are salt-cured and packed in small tin packs called egg berries or egg pearls. But does Caviar taste fishy? They are tiny and glistening spheres with exquisite flavor and texture.

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Debunking the Fishy Taste Stereotype

People commonly try Caviar with sushi. Salmon roe is the popular form of Caviar. Moreover, you can find Uni roe, which are the sea urchin reproductive organs. But sturgeon roe comes first when it comes to texture and flavors. Many think that Caviar has an extremely fishy flavor. But the taste profile is more complex than just a fishy flavor notion.

A first-time caviar consumer will find it tastes buttery and has a subtle brininess to it. But most wonder: does caviar taste fishy or salty due to salt marination before preserving? The taste is highly dependent on the type of fish the roe comes from and the age of the caviar. Moreover, the caviar processing method can also impact the taste profile. They don’t taste fishy as they are processed differently and come unfertilized.

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