How to Garnish your Dish with Caviar?

People are aware that sturgeon fish roes or unfertilized eggs are used to make the exquisite delicacy known as caviar. Because the fish is in danger of going extinct, the eggs are extremely valuable and scarce. Nowadays, a large number of its species are raised to meet the market’s rising demand for caviar. Nevertheless, their quality is low. The most delicious and widely consumed type of caviare is the wild variety from the Caspian Sea. The species from which caviar is sourced influences both its color and flavor. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the different kinds of caviar to identify the best caviar variety available.

Quality caviar grades

Grading Caviar is essential to finding the best-quality, most popular Caviar. The grading aspects include size, color, egg maturity, fragrance, etc. You will find the large and delicate caviar roe of grade 1 quality with the most detectable flavor and color profile. The less favorable and less hardy Caviar is in grade 2. They are mostly available and rich in color. It is the size of the Caviar that can help you find the authentic Caviar.


It is the unique flavors of the caviar that make the fish eggs popular to use as a gourmet. The flavor and taste can instantly tell you the quality of the caviar. The state of the authentic Caviar can vary according to the sturgeon fish species. Every species has different types of diets and growing environments. Therefore, the flavors of caviar are quite complex to pinpoint. Caviar commonly tastes nutty and buttery. But they have salt content to give that sea freshness. The top-quality caviar has less salt content.


The texture is one of the best indicators of good-quality Caviar based on the process of separating and aging Caviar. Authentic Caviar will give you the feel of creaminess. There should not be any mushy texture.

What are the different types of Caviar?

You will get a rich sea fragrance from Ossetra caviar. Its firm texture, delicate taste, and pleasant pop in each bite make it one of the most popular caviar types. You can find it in black or dark gray colors with green and gold highlights. The large size of the roe lets you savor the taste with a sweet and earthy flavor.


Quality Caviar

 Sevruga Caviar

Sevruga comes in smaller sizes from Ossetra but offers fresh flavors. You can taste its buttery flavor without much saltiness. Its delicate texture can match a lot of food pairings to garnish.

Quailty Caviar 2 - Caviar Lover

When it comes to caviar, Beluga is the most costly and uncommon variety. It’s the most popular Caviar for its rich flavors and mild salty profile. It’s illegal to use Beluga in the US due to the over-fishing of this sturgeon fish species. These caviars are large in size and black in color.

Quality Caviar 3

In summary

The taste and consistency of real caviar are incomparable to those of imitation. Purchasing in person is preferable to purchasing online to avoid purchasing a subpar selection. Their high cost is a result of their limited availability and careful processing techniques. So, buy them from trusted vendors that offer a variety of fish to check for the best quality among all the glossy globes. 



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