How to Make and Serve Blinis for Caviar

Blinis are made from Buckwheat Flour and come from Russia. They are the yeasted pancakes and you can serve it with Caviar. You may see a pancake and taste it. Blinis and pancakes are not similar because Blinis are made from yeast, which makes them soft. You can garnish a blini with fruits, berries, butter, or Caviar. Here, you can learn about how to make Blinis for Caviar and enjoy the flavor.

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Here, you can learn how to make Blinis for your delicious dinner night. You can store Blinis and Caviar in a separate storage ziplock container for up to 3 days. Avoid eating them after 3 days.

Blinis: How to Make Them

Take a bowl and mix these ingredients. Stir them into a smooth batter:

  •     Egg Yolk
  •     Milk and Cream
  •     Butter
  •     Yeast and Sugar

Make this batter sit for 2 hours with a cloth covering the bowl. Add egg white and salt to the batter when you see bubbles in it. Bring a hand mixture and mix the liquid.

You can take a pan and put it on a gas stove. Spread some butter for a delicious taste. Take a spoon to put it on the frying pan and wait for bubbles on top. When it looks dry, flip the blini and cook for up to one minute.

Avoid putting each blini on top of each other and finish all the batter. Now, it is ready to serve to yourself or your guests. You have to remember to clean your decorating plate before serving your Blinis for Caviar.


How to Decorate Your Plate and Serve?

You can serve your Blinis with smoked salmon, but here, you will use Caviar for toppings. Bring a white plate for decorating Blinis for Caviar. White color plates look luxurious and Caviar is an add to it. 

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Place 3 to 4 Blinis on top of each other on a plate. Add a small scoop of cream and put Caviar on top of it. Add some chives to the meal. Clean the plate and serve it to your guests or family.

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How to Store Leftover Blinis and Caviar?

You can store your leftover Blinis and Caviar in an airtight storage box for 3 to 4 days. Here are some tips on how to keep leftover blinis and Caviar:

  •     Put Caviar in a plastic box and wrap it. If it comes in contact with air, it can get mushy. Keep the container in the fridge on a bed of ice.
  •     Keep your Blinis in a ziplock bag after cooling them. If you want to serve your Blinis, you can reheat them in your microwave.
  •     Avoid freezing your Blinis for a long time because it will ruin their flavor.

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You can give Blinis for Caviar a try this Christmas and serve it to your family and friends. Caviar Blinis is a traditional food from Russia, and you can serve it with Vodka. You can taste the juicy Caviar with the buttery Blinis and enjoy your dinner nights. Bon Appetit!





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