Caviar & Crème Fraiche

Everyone who wants to experience the luxury of caviar must wonder how to serve it to make the most of its flavor. It is popularly served as a gourmet dish for royal dinner parties. But what are the best pairings? Does one have to know what the best way to eat caviar is? Sure, there are no such limitations for enjoying Caviar. However, you can experience the best version of caviar flavor by following some food combination principles. One of the best combinations is Crème Fresh for Caviar, or caviar served with crème fraiche. It is a thick, double-topped cream addition made of buttermilk and sour cream. Let’s get to know in detail about this classing combination that brings out the best flavors of Caviar from below. 

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How does the harmonisation of crème fraiche and caviar come into practice?

Sour creams are best served with baked items. However, the crème fraiche type of sour cream is not limited to that. Crème fraîche comes from France, which is thought due to its high fat content to give a rich flavor and unique texture. You can enjoy it with sweet and savory food items. It’s definitely best for subtly salty food. This is how crème fraîche for caviar, in a sense, comes into an innovative flavor combination. The French paired it together for hors d’oeuvre.

How do you serve them in the best way to acquire innovative flavors?

A small blini topped with crème fraiche and caviar before adding herbs is the popular way of serving the combination. Blinis are the traditional Russian pancake that is best to keep warm while serving. You can serve it on a microwave-warmed-up plate to keep the dish warm through dinner. Add omelets, fruit jam, or a hard-boiled egg as appetizers with crème fraîche for caviar on top of the blini. Moreover, you can make it a great starter by adding smoked salmon on top of blini and cream fraiche. 

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Another famous way to enjoy the savory flavor of caviar is by garnishing it with spaghetti and capellini. You can add garlic-shaved Reggiano with crème fraîche for Caviar Gourmet on top of a bowl of pasta. This recipe is the ultimate for any dinner party. Potato crème fresh and a caviar topping snack scoop can be a great combination for you to try. Layer the chips as you like, but the flavor of caviar is bound to let you taste the savoriness.


The Bottom Line

Now you know how the combination of crème fraiche and caviar can give rise to a plethora of innovative flavors. Explore these excellent pairings to taste the luxury of eating caviar that is worth your money. You will feel the burst of savory taste of Caviar with each bite as the crème fraiche enhances more. You can take this classic combination to make a simple snack into an opulent dining dish by just garnishing it on top of your main menu. Try it now, and you will never miss the opportunity to pair something new to elevate caviar taste.





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