Flavored Caviar Recipes That You Can Try At Your Next Party

Caviar is the most well-known ingredient that can elevate the taste of any dish with just a single scoop. Do you want to take your dinner party to another level? If yes, try caviar! Caviar can take your parties to a new height. One scoop of caviar is enough to make your dish worthy. Implementing caviar in any cuisine can change the overall dish. This is considered the showstopper ingredient since it contains strong flavors, aromas, and textures. Here in this blog, we have compiled some of the best recipes for caviar!

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Roasted new potatoes with caviar:

This is one of the classic recipes you must try in your kitchen. Adding caviar to this dish pays tribute to its legacy. New potatoes have a separate appeal that varies in color and size. It perfectly mixes and matches with the waxy and starchy texture. Presenting potatoes is all up to you. Either you can slice them up into a thinly sliced coin shape or you can cut them into straight pieces. No matter which shape you cut them, douse them properly with olive oil and seasonings. It should seem signature crispy and then be layered with crème fraiche and caviar on top.


Caviar tartare with tomato and salmon:

If you want to give a delicate taste to this dish, then try caviar. This is known as an appetizer mixed with multiple ingredients. Your job is to bring all the ingredients together by ensuring their proportion and the right level of seasoning. The major ingredients that are added to this dish are freshly diced tomatoes, chopped herbs, spices, etc. The tough step is to incorporate caviar into the dish. Fold the small scoops of caviar into the tartare, and then mold the mixture to serve.


Oysters served with pickled fennel and pearls:

When you visit the top restaurants, this is the most common dish on their menu. It takes minimal time to prep, and not many utensils are required for this. All you need to prepare this dish is an oyster knife and a spoon for scooping caviar. Scoop the small bundle of caviar in the middle of every open oyster. To enhance its taste, you can add some salt, vinegar, sugar, fennel seeds, etc. These ingredients make this dish crunchy in texture.

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Filet Mignon topped with Caviar:

If you want to try something juicy and tender, then try this fillet mignon. This is round and appealing in shape. Filet mignon is the most popular dish because it takes less time to cook. It serves plenty of garlic and butter. You can cook this either in the oven or on the gas while taking care of the heat; otherwise, it will be overcooked. Adding some fresh herbs and caviar on top can transform the overall look and feel of this dish. 
Apart from all these dishes, you can also try caviar with whitefish loaded with crusted herbs. If you are arranging an evening small party, you can try caviar pizza. You can also try caviar scramble, vanilla custard with caviar, and much more!



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