How to Eat Foie Gras

How to eat Foie Gras: tips on the best ways to eat

how to eat foie grasFoie gras is an exquisite delicacy that has been savored around the world for centuries, prized for its distinct sweetness and decadently rich taste. Foie gras, which is French for “fatty liver”, is derived from ducks that have been specially fattened to produce livers that are larger than usual and succulently rich.  While many think of pate whenever foie gras is discussed, that is only one of the ways this gourmet delight is eaten. If you are integrating foie gras into your lifestyle for the first time, you may need some pointers on how to eat foie gras. To gain a better understanding of how to eat foie gras and the best ways to enjoy foie gras, let’s take a closer look at what foie gras is and the different ways that it can be eaten.

The best foie gras comes from corn-fed Moulard ducks. These domestic ducks are a hybrid variety produced by crossing a female Perkin with a male Barbarie. Moulard ducks make the best source of foie gras because these migratory birds have a natural capacity to accumulate fat in their livers that helps them fly thousands of miles without feeding. With proper feeding, these birds can increase the size of their livers five times its original size. In the wild, this ability helps Moulard ducks fly for thousands of miles without feeding. In domesticated ducks, it produces incredibly large foie gras lobes that have a silky, flavorful taste and pleasingly firm texture.

Fresh foie gras
Fresh duck foie gras is available in whole lobes, slices, or cubes. The lobes have such a rich, nutty flavor that typical servings consist of a single slice. Fresh foie gras can be roasted, braised, or seared.

An easy, superbly flavorful way to eat fresh foie gras is to serve it pan seared with salt and pepper. Heat a sharp knife under running water between each slice, so the fat melts cleanly with each slice instead of tearing or crumbling. Slice foie gras into about portions that are around ½”inch thick. Salt and pepper to taste, then lightly score each side. Place in a hot skillet and quickly sear until it develops a lovely brown crust, only about 30 seconds or so on each side.  Your foie gras will be medium rare with a barely softened center. Pair your foie gras with dried fruits, nuts, honey, or a sweet-and-sour sauce and serve with a sweet Sauternes wine.  These easy preparation instructions come courtesy of J. Kenji López-Alt at The Food Lab.

Ready-made foie gras

Ready-made foie gras, which includes foie gras terrine and foie gras pate, can be eaten at room temperature or slightly chilled. Simply slice into portions and eat with thinly cut toast. The rich taste of foie gras is the centerpoint of the dish, so no competing flavors are needed. Some epicureans like to include a little sweet fruit jelly when eating foie gras, to complement its bold flavor.  Whether you eat fresh or ready-made foie gras, you may want to pair it with a good Sauternes or other dessert wine for the fullest enjoyment.

Where to buy foie gras
Whether you prefer fresh, frozen, or ready-made foie gras, the most important step in eating foie gras is locating a source that can provide you with fresh, high quality duck foie gras. Grocery stores and even gourmet shops can sometimes provide foie gras that is less than fresh. Caviar Lover is your best source for the finest quality duck foie gras. Conveniently order online and have superb foie gras delivered directly to your home!

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