Holiday Party Menu Ideas

Holiday Party Menu Ideas

Holiday Party Menu IdeasSearching for holiday party menu ideas is a recurring trend that never goes out of style. For as long as holidays has been celebrated, preparing and serving food that is enjoyable and satisfies the appetite of each guest meet the criteria of a great party menu. And, maybe more than any other time of the year when it comes to holiday recipes for Christmas, nothing it seems is too much or too expensive; even if it breaks the budget.

Although holiday party menu ideas typically lean heavily on traditional fare like ham, turkey, standing roast, candied yams, stuffing and green bean casserole to name a few; modern hosts are edging out of the mold with decadent delicacies like caviar, truffles and foie gras. In fact, elegance is the unspoken requisite for holiday entertaining that is insinuated in most holiday party menu ideas.

To be truly complete, holiday party menu ideas must also consider the day after. Large seasonal gatherings always encourage guests to linger.  It is not unusual to find that a host scrambling to come up with a suitable breakfast or brunch menu for visitors that are still around in the morning. As such, any good holiday party menu ideas must include holiday recipes for Christmas that can be adapted for breakfast fare.

Although there are a ton of holiday dinner recipes to choose from, we have found a few non-traditional holiday recipes for Christmas that you can adapt to appease the taste preferences of your guests. And of course, we hope you can find a holiday dinner recipe that will be as visually stunning as it is delicious.


Black Truffle Deviled Eggs

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Is one of those old favorites that put immediately in the comfort zone. The addition of black truffles add an unexpected touch of decadence that every egg needs to shine. 

Creamy Crab and Caviar Parfaits

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This is a make-ahead appetizer that every host will love. Not only for the fact that it keeps you out of the kitchen but for the fresh and flavorful ingredients and lightness that this menu item conveys. It is the perfect preface to the heavier entrees to come.

Salmon and Caviar Appetizer

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Nothing screams Christmas like colors red, green and gold. This Salmon and Caviar Appetizer is a definite winner when it comes to ease of preparation and mouthwateringly appealing.  For those with a preference for brown or black caviar substitutions are endless such as the large brown grains of a Crown Russian Ossetra,  the sweet, and buttery flavor of Hackleback Sturgeon Caviar or the less pricey equally sumptuous Black Bowfin Roe Caviar.

Duck à l’Orange

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Use any part of the duck, including the legs to reproduce this holiday menu recipe.

Scallops with Ibérico ham and parsley foam

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Let’s face it, ham and Christmas dinner is as ageless a tradition as the image of Santa clause and chimneys.  But everyday ham just won’t cut it for this stunning epicurean entre.  The flavor profile of boneless Ibérico de Bellota Ham is so rich that it needs the right recipe to properly present.  Of course, it is just as amazing presented simply on a carving board. Just remember to allow your Iberica ham to breath before serving and use a long flexible razor sharp knife cut the perfect slices.                                                       

Christmas Holiday Menu Endings

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Crème Brulee is a classic finish to any meal. But whether you add it to a breakfast, brunch or dinner menu, this Recette Crème brûlée au foie gras or Foie Gras Crème Brulee is a definite winner on any holiday party menu. Foie Gras is a controversial cuisine that nobody wants to give up. As such it is an indulgence that appease the palate and ramp up an otherwise chatter-less gathering.

Fig Balsamic Truffle

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It’s the perfect ending to any holiday menu. Rich California mission figs seated in a rich creamy dark chocolate glaze and balanced with a hint of aged Italian balsamic a sophisticated finish.

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