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Holiday Party Menu Ideas Holiday Party Menu IdeasSearching for holiday party menu ideas is a recurring trend that never goes out of style. For as long as holidays has been celebrated, preparing and serving food that is enjoyable and satisfies the appetite of each guest meet the criteria of a great party menu. And, maybe more than any other time of the year when it comes to holiday recipes for Christmas, nothing it seems is too much or too expensive; even if it breaks the budget.
Unique Gift Baskets with Food Unique Gift BasketsRestaurant modifications in the last decade or so reflects a definite increase in consumer spending on gourmet foods. According to a 2014 economic consumer survey an estimated 59% of the American population purchased gourmet foods like caviar, truffles and specialty meats. It seems everyone from culinary aficionados to food fanatics of all types are exploring the finest in artisan delicacies like caviar, truffles and other specialty fare.  With such a dramatic bent towards more decadent dining, few people can deny that unique gift baskets with food would make a memorable gift for family and friends.
White Sturgeon Caviar   White Sturgeon CaviarWhether you eat it directly from the back of your hand, atop steak tartar, paired with beer or the finest champagne; the versatility of white sturgeon caviar transforms any meal into an event; every time. However, the highly coveted white sturgeon caviar taste best without the distraction of a blini, cracker, toast, egg or even crème fraiche. The white sturgeon produces large shimmering pearls that are humanely harvested at the peak of perfection. Whether this delicacy is derived from the Oregon sturgeon, Columbia sturgeon, California or Italian white sturgeon, the distinctive roe of the Acipenser species has become a chef’s favorite for a number of reasons.
Serving caviar in holiday parties When it comes to holiday parties, most people pull out all the stops. Windows, doors and stairways are draped in shimmering red, silver and green and the scent of pine help guests recapture fond memories of holidays past.  Nothing however, can make a holiday party as special as a festive table brimming with sumptuous food and beverages. Serving caviar in holiday parties also add an extra touch of elegance that can take the festivities over the edge. Just be sure to get the highest quality caviar that your budget will bear.
Caviar Profile: Russian Osetra Caviar Russian Osetra CaviarThe emergence of Russian Osetra Caviar as one of the most prestigious delicacies in the world today, is the result of pure innovation and passion.  While prohibitive price points and environmental restrictions continue to fan the illusive flame of Beluga caviar, it is also being rivaled by the nutty, creamy pearls of today’s Russian Osetra that is literally bursting with flavor.
Serving Caviar at Holiday Parties Serving caviar at holiday parties takes your event to a new level of sophistication; no matter the size or scale of your gathering. Just seeing this “food of the gods” on the menu has a way of making every guest feel indulged.  It is also the perfect holiday hors d'oeuvre because of the ease of preparation. And, as long as the host adheres to a few simple serving guidelines, this gourmet appetizer almost always become the centerpiece on your holiday table.  In other words, serving caviar at holiday parties adds a distinctive element that makes the occasion memorable; especially for those being introduced to this delicacy for the first time.
Buying the Perfect Corporate Gift Basket buying the perfect corporate gift basketCorporate gift giving differs from buying a gift for a family member, lover or friend. For one thing, business giving is so important that it can seriously impact the relationship an employer or corporation has with its employees and clients.  Surveys of corporate gift givers and recipients indicate that corporations who gave gifts were twice as likely to increase employee satisfaction and improve customer relationships than those without a gift program in place. However, buying the perfect corporate gift basket, card or memorabilia can present a challenge if it turns out to the wrong gift idea for the individual.
Some of the best caviar recipes, not surprisingly, happen to be the enduring classics that have been enjoyed throughout the years.  For instance, the presence of an elegant caviar-topped blini is an expected treat at most sophisticated affairs.  Unfortunately, the fragile texture and distinctive flavor of caviar add a level of complexity that narrows the criteria for what makes a great caviar recipe.  Nevertheless, high-end restaurant chefs and caviar enthusiasts have come up with a few innovative ways to savor this decadent fare. 
What is Amur Ossetra Caviar? Ossetra CaviarIf you are a caviar enthusiast, it is likely Amur Ossetra Caviar will be the star among the rich medley of holiday fare to savor this season. With the approach of winter many of us are gearing up for elegant gatherings and luxury dining. The pearlescence of the crisp roe of Ossetra caviar makes it a striking addition to any elegant affair.