Unique Gift Baskets with Food

Unique Gift Baskets with Food

Unique Gift BasketsRestaurant modifications in the last decade or so reflects a definite increase in consumer spending on gourmet foods. According to a 2014 economic consumer survey an estimated 59% of the American population purchased gourmet foods like caviar, truffles and specialty meats. It seems everyone from culinary aficionados to food fanatics of all types are exploring the finest in artisan delicacies like caviar, truffles and other specialty fare.  With such a dramatic bent towards more decadent dining, few people can deny that unique gift baskets with food would make a memorable gift for family and friends.

This holiday season, giving a gift that reflects most people’s enthusiasm for food or to satiate unmet cravings for gourmet favorites like exquisite Russian Ossetra or Siberian caviar demonstrate a level of thoughtfulness and caring without the hassles associated with the usual holiday shopping activities. I suspect that if you share food gift basket ideas with loved ones and business associates you may be pleasantly surprised at how many people would be honored to get a gift that they may not be able or willing to fit into their holiday budget.

If you have never considered gourmet food gifts, here are a few unique gift basket ideas with food you can give this holiday season.

  1. Excite the serious or budding caviar enthusiast with a Royal Caviar Triad gift basket. One ounce each of Crown Russian Ossetra Caviar, Royal Siberian and Royal Imperial Caviar will give them an opportunity to pair these delicacies with other luxury foods during the long holiday season. This gift basket also includes two Mother of Pearl spoons, blinis and crème fraiche that can further customized, gift wrapped and shipped directly to yours or the recipient’s door.
  2. Kids who loves to cook can start to explore their culinary skills with a gourmet cook gift basket. This basket provides a plethora of interesting epicurean delights that can ignite a budding food lover’s creativity using Dried Shitake or Porcini mushrooms, Black Truffle tartufata sauce, cream, Oil and Foie Gras to just a few of the items in this holiday gift basket.
  3. For the gourmet explorer in the family a “World Caviar Gift Basket” may be just the ticket. There are innumerable recipes that call for layering with fish roe such as spicy bowfin roe. Recipients who get this popular gift basket can pick and choose which delicacy they will enjoy and with whom since they will also receive one ounce of Paddlefish Caviar, two ounces of White Sturgeon Caviar, Herruga and Salmon caviar along with the French blinis, crème fraiche and mother of pearl dish and utensils.
  4. Maybe you have decided to treat yourself to a holiday gift basket as a way to add a touch of elegance to a small gathering of friends on New Year’s Eve. We recommend the Crown Russian Luxury Caviar gift box that comes in one of two sizes. There are approximately ten to twelve mother of pearl spoonsful of caviar in a two-ounce tin of Crown Russian Ossetra. The give you the option to pair caviar with other delicacies or as an appetizer for a small romantic or elegant affair.
  5. Go all out for the sushi enthusiast with the Sushi Caviar Gift Basket and don’t be surprised if you make a friend for life. Complete with four ounces each of Scottish Smoked Salmon, Tobiko Wasabi, Tobiko Red, Tobiko Golden, 50 grams of Truffle Caviar, 30 traditional size blinis and crème fraiche gives any sushi lover plenty to enjoy in this basket.

Everyone loves to eat and frankly, there is hardly anyone averse to expanding their taste profile with a luxury food or two. As such, unique gift baskets with food provides a classy gifting opportunity that you can be sure will never be re-gifted. From a variety of succulent caviar; the ancient food of the gods to decadent chocolate and high quality Acacia Honey produced in the Italian region of Marche and infused with strawberry, hazelnut or lemons these gourmet food gift baskets can add an extravagant flair to this year’s seasonal giving.

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