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Scottish Tsar Cut Heart Fillet Smoked Salmon Seafood St James Smokehouse Inc

Scottish Tsar Cut Heart Fillet Smoked Salmon


SKU: 020209

~1 lb

Approximately 1 lbs. package Our luxurious texture of our Royal Cut Smoked Scottish Salmon Fillet almost melts in the mouth. This unique cut, originally reserved for the Russian Tsar, is taken from the rich, most flavorful center of the fish.

TSAR CUT HEART FILLET of Scottish smoked salmon has several features that contribute to its popularity:

Prime Cut and Flavor:

Unique cut: Unlike regular smoked salmon, this comes from the "heart" of the fish, the richest and most flavorful section around the spine. This translates to a deeper, more intense smoky flavor compared to other cuts.

Richness and texture: The marbling of fat within this cut creates a melt-in-your-mouth texture and adds to the luxurious mouthfeel.

Delicate smoke: The smoking process using oak shavings from old whisky barrels imparts a subtle, unique smokiness that complements the natural salmon flavor without overpowering it.

Quality and Sustainability:

Scottish origin: Scotland is renowned for its high-quality salmon, known for its clean waters and responsible farming practices. This adds to the perceived value and appeal of Scottish Smoked Salmon.

Limited availability: The "heart" section is a smaller portion of the fish, making this cut less readily available. This can contribute to its perceived exclusivity and desirability.

Experience and Presentation:

Luxury appeal: The name "TSAR CUT" evokes a sense of luxury and royalty, suggesting an exceptional product.

Visually appealing: The large, thick slices of the Scottish Smoked Salmon fillet make it visually impressive when presented on a platter.

Versatility: It can be enjoyed simply on its own with accompaniments like blinis, crackers, and creme fraiche, or incorporated into more elaborate dishes like canapés or salads.

However, it's important to consider:

Price point: As a premium product with limited availability, Scottish smoked salmon comes at a higher price compared to regular smoked salmon.

Taste preference: The richer flavor and fat content might not be everyone's preference. Some might prefer milder varieties.

Overall, the combination of its unique cut, superior taste and texture, association with luxury and quality, and visually appealing presentation make TSAR CUT HEART FILLET of Scottish smoked salmon a popular choice for those seeking a special and indulgent culinary experience.

Scottish Tsar Cut Heart Fillet Smoked Salmon


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