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5 Steps To Eat Caviar Correctly

Caviar is a delicious delicacy that we would all like to try at some point. Still, the truth is that many times people have it before them and do not know how it should be consumed. If you want to know five steps to eat caviar correctly and get the most out of it, keep reading this blog, and we will tell you the best way to do it.

caviar on a cracker photo

Finding steps to eat caviar is not only fun but also beneficial for your health. We tell you that caviar has an excellent nutritional value for health. According to the dietary data, caviar meets the criteria of “superfood.” Caviar has the highest grade protein and is easier to absorb. Caviar is loaded with phosphorus, folic acid, iodine, and vitamins A, D, E, and B12.

Thanks to caviar, you get an increase in nutritional power in each bite. Whether you know the best way to eat caviar or not, this blog will be ideal for you to learn the correct way to eat this great food.

Follow these steps to eat caviar:

1. Caviar is traditionally eaten alone, cold, and preferably in a non-metallic container. The presentation is usually made in a glass bowl or bowl, with ice at its base to keep the product cold. Caviar producers and marketers recommend not using silver or other metal bowls to serve it. Caviar produces Slight oxidation when it comes into contact with certain metals that can transfer its flavor when tasting it.

caviar on ice photo


2. If you want to eat caviar accompanied, it is widespread to do it with toasted bread, unsalted crackers, or crunchy slices. If you spread a little butter on the base before adding the caviar, its flavor will improve. Another companion for caviar is smoked salmon. You can stretch a fresh fillet, put a little caviar, and make a roll. It will be delicious.


salmon with caviar photo


3. The most appropriate utensil to use when eating caviar is a spoon, either a mother-of-pearl spoon, a wood spoon, or even a spoon made of bone. There are vintage books that indicate that the most traditional utensils to serve and taste this delicacy are those made of gold or mother-of-pearl spoon. But this is only for very wealthy people and a bit extravagant.

spoons -  showing how to eat caviar

4. Don't overdue the quantity. When it is served individually as an aperitif, it is not usual for more than 50-60 grams per person, about two or three teaspoons of caviar. Caviar should be eaten in small quantities, as it is a very delicate product. Once you have the caviar in your mouth, do not chew it, you must let it fall apart to enjoy its flavors as much as possible. Move the roe with your tongue until they fall apart.

5. The drink with which you are going to accompany the caviar is also very important. The most classic thing is to have a glass of cold vodka. Vodka is the drink that best accompanies caviar. Caviar lovers find frozen vodka to be one of the best accompaniments to good caviar. However, the most widespread habit or custom, as a general rule, is to accompany it with a bottle of good champagne or cava. However, caviar can combine well with other types of drinks served in appetizers.

wine and caviar photo


We invite you to discover which Caviar do you like the most?

  • Imperial Caviar: This is a Caviar that combines the ideal properties of Caviar, with the absolute quality; firm, with long, delicate granulation, dark in color, and refined flavor.
  • Beluga Caviar: The wait is at least 15 years to produce this Caviar appreciated for its long and soft roe. Sometimes with an intense flavor but generally creamy, hiding the salt content on the palate.
  • Golden Caviar: This Caviar’s renown comes from being traditionally reserved for the European aristocracy. It is its natural gift, the light color with a creamy, soft, and sumptuous flavor.
  • Osetra Caviar: With a dark brown roe with black streaks, this Caviar tends to have a delicate and fruity flavor with an inclination towards berries such as raspberries and walnuts.
  • Sevruga Caviar: This sturgeon roe is dark in color and with “the flavor of the sea,” strong and intense, enhancing its saline content. Many prefer it for its unique flavor and the fineness of its grain.

Now that you know the benefits of Caviar and the fundamental steps to eat it, what are you waiting to try?

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