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How to Serve Caviar: The Indispensable Guide

caviar on a plate with crackers and olives

Have you tried caviar, were you fascinated by its flavor, and now you want to know everything you need to know how to serve it at your table? Don’t worry. In this blog, you will find the complete guide to understand how to serve caviar. Welcome to the world of caviar!

Do you want to eat caviar in the right company? However, you do not know how to serve it at your table. Serving caviar requires particular manners and specific gastronomic knowledge, as well as details about its presentation. In this blog, we will tell you all the necessary information to know how to serve caviar, and you can use it at any time.

Caviar is an especially attractive delicacy for any table on special occasions. We can serve caviar in different ways and with other types of ingredients or food. However, you should know that the accompaniment to traditional Russian caviar is bread and butter. If it is the first time you taste caviar, you can accompany it with bread, blinis, or crackers. Another way to serve caviar Russian style is to pair it with vodka, We will revisit pairing caviar with alcohol in a moment.

Caviar is traditionally consumed with blinis and creme fraiche

caviar and blinis and creme fraiche
Another fact that should be known is the quality and type of caviar you are eating plays a huge factor in how best to serve the dish. No caviar is created equal, so make sure you know how to handle each one.

Fine caviar should be served alone, at freezing temperatures. Should place the caviar in a non-metal bowl, which can then be placed on top of crushed ice.

It is essential not to use utensils or serve dishes made from silver or other metal because they are oxidized. The result? Your delicious, fabulous caviar may have an unpleasant metallic taste. When choosing serving pieces, always use glass or bone, or for a truly elevated bite, use pearl mother.

Now let’s talk about different ingredients or food you can serve caviar with:

serving caviar photo

How to serve butter with Caviar?

A good option is to serve the caviar with butter. We give you an example of how you can do it: Serve the caviar cold, with ice, since its flavor may vary if it is at room temperature. Additionally, crush the butter so that it is served with the caviar. On the table, place two caviar plates and one in the center with the crushed butter. In this way, they can do the caviar with a suitable accompaniment that will give your palate a unique touch.

Another way to use butter and caviar is to create caviar sandwiches with a reasonably generous butter amount. We will tell you a secret: Butter reduces the effects of alcohol. We will already tell you why you should take it into account when serving caviar with a drink.

How to serve Caviar with Alcohol?

Caviar is an excellent match for alcoholic beverages. The tradition of Russian cuisine expects the fish eggs to be served with heavily chilled vodka. On the other hand, the Europeans think champagne and wine are successful pairings with caviar.

Vodka and caviar are on most Russian tables and have even been incorporated into those Americans who are lovers of caviar.

Serving caviar with vodka is a great combination if you are performing a table for a special event.

Remember to keep the butter as an aperitif trick in mind before drinking vodka, so you will get less drunk while drinking.

Another match for caviar is champagne. The champagne is special for New Year and tradition to open a bottle of champagne at midnight. Suppose you will have guests and don’t know their alcohol preferences. The classic choice is champagne to serve with caviar.
caviar on ice

The best and simple caviar serving suggestion with champagne is caviar on crackers but make it just before serving, so crackers do not soften. If you don’t like champagne, try wine that goes good with fish and seafood.

How to serve eggs with Caviar?

An excellent option for breakfast is to serve caviar with eggs.You can eat hard-boiled eggs with salty caviar on top. Or you can also prepare a short recipe like:

Mix the egg yolk with mayonnaise and soft cheese. Then add a little caviar on top, and voila! You will be tasting a Russian-style dish at your table.

We recommend looking at more recipes in old cookbooks to know many appetizers that you can prepare with caviar.

To finish, let us tell you a short but useful list of practical suggestions to serve Caviar:
  1. Caviar too can be enjoyed by itself, straight from the packaging resting in a cooler, preferably raised to stand out on the prepared table.
  2. We recommend a single serving, about 15 g, for a taste of the product while the ideal quantity suggested for a taster is at least 30 g; You can share a 100g box with four people.
  3. Use the mother of pearl spoon . Here you get it
  4. Take care to serve the caviar gently to crush the eggs unless you have a caviar holder.
We hope that you can serve Caviar after this valuable information that we have given you in the best way at your table. In Caviar Lover, you can find an incredible variety of Caviar, with the best quality to surprise your guests. We will wait for you!