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What is the Most Expensive Caviar Ever

Caviar is known as the most expensive kind of Caviar in the world. Caviar comes from sturgeon fish, specifically Sevruga, Osetra, and Beluga. But do you ever have an idea about the cost? Caviar has a high demand in the market, and the most expensive Caviar ever in the world is sold in the selected caviar houses. Here we mentioned some of the most expensive caviars.

photo of product "Diamond Ossetra Caviar" from Bemka

The most expensive caviar you can try ever

Osetra Karat Gold Caviar: This caviar was raised in the Jordan River in Israel. The Osetra sturgeon presents the beautiful golden Caviar. These are flavorful & large eggs are striking golden in color, and they taste creamy with little nuttiness in flavor. The cost of Osetra is approx $6,000 per kg.

Russian reserve Volga Osetra Caviar: This is the unbelievable Caviar you can also try. It is special because of the age of Osetra Sturgeon. Most of the Caviar is derived from fish aged 10 years and more. These are the rarest & seasonal ingredients that give a rich combination of milkiness & flavors. It costs $6,000/kg.

Golden Imperial Osetra Russian Caviar: This Caviar is currently farmed in Russia & nearby countries. The golden eggs from the Caspian Osetra are exclusive and reserved for the Tsar. The main point of this Caviar is that it is large and has a beautiful yellow hue. It costs $9000/ per Kg.

Beluga Hybrid Caviar: This Caviar is sourced from the Beluga crossbreed & Siberian Sturgeon. It is quite nuttier in taste. The taste of this Caviar is buttery, which gives a perfect soul-satisfied meal to the caviar fans. The cost of this Caviar is somewhere around $9000/ per Kg.

Kaluga Special Reserve Hybrid Huso Caviar: Kaluga Huso is a natural hybrid between the Amur & Kaluga that is also referred to as the River Beluga. This is one of the largest freshwater fish that resembles one of the kind amber pearls. This Caviar tastes creamy and earthy but feels well-balanced because of its origin. The cost of the Caviar is so high, which is $16,000/Kg.

Almas Caviar: Almas Caviar is the most expensive Caviar ever. Iranian Caviar is sourced from 60 to 100-year Iranian Beluga in the Caspian Sea. So, overall this is one of the world’s most expensive Caviar you have ever. It is eaten on its own and presents the full profile of flavors having amazing nuttiness & creaminess. This Caviar costs $34,000 per kilogram.

Strottarga Bianco: This is one of the most expensive Caviar worldwide, which takes almost 10 years to cultivate. The white gold caviar from Siberian Albino Sturgeons tastes good. A single bite of this food can take around a decade to harvest. The Bianco Strottarga caviar with gold flakes is the most expensive food you can ever choose.

So, what have you decided? Which type of Caviar do you want to select? Try any of this Caviar and share your experience with us. If you are a caviar lover, we encourage you to try any of these most expensive Caviar that your pocket can handle.