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Classic Recipe Ideas to try with Escargo

Why not try making escargots at home if you’ve had them at your favorite French establishment or are intrigued by their flavor? Escargot is a great source of unadulterated, quality protein and is easy to make. Here are our picks for the top 12 escargot recipes.

It is often served with crisp French bread and butter, shallot, garlic, and parsley sauce.

Escargot: What is it?

Escargot, which translates to “snail” in French, is a dish made from cooked land snails. Typically, it is provided in its shell.


What taste does escargot have?

Escargot has a flavor that is creamy, buttery, and somewhat herbal. It usually comes with a butter-garlic sauce. Escargots have a soft, chewy, slightly gelatinous texture.

How do you enjoy escargot?

Escargots that have been cooked can be served in their shells. They respond nicely to condiments like freshly extracted lemon juice and chopped parsley, as well as sauces like garlic and butter. Escargots are pleasant to eat since the flesh is best removed from the shells with seafood forks.


Cooking guidelines for Escargot

  • Escargot can easily be overcooked, so pay attention to the cooking duration to prevent rubbery results. Additionally, smaller cargo cook more quickly than bigger ones.
  • When fresh escargot is unavailable, using a premium canned kind is acceptable. To enhance the flavor, just make sure it’s seasoned with an abundance of extra garlic, butter, and lemon.
  • Specialty escargot plates come with distinct compartments to retain each snail and keep them from moving about, making them useful for baking and serving.
  • As with mussels and clams, serve some crispy French bread to sop up the rich juices.

Classic dishes to be made with Escargot

Escargots bourguignon: A traditional French meal from the Burgundy area is escargot bourguignon. Snails are roasted in butter, shallot, and garlic sauce before being served over crusty toast. A top-notch escargot dish to try!

Baked Escargot: Escargots are baked in this dish in white wine, butter, fresh herbs, and parmesan sauce. This elegant meal is wonderful for sharing and ideal for a special event!

Garlic and Butter Snails: Snails and garlic butter pair well together. This time-honored recipe just takes 25 minutes to prepare and always comes out wonderfully.

Escargot Puffs In Garlic Butter: Make these puff pastry-encased escargots to wow a seafood enthusiast! They are delicious and ideal as an appetizer at a party or whenever you want to amaze your visitors.

What goes great with Escargot?

Escargot is a French delicacy frequently served with a toasty piece of toasted rye bread.

It is simple to prepare and excellent. Simply arrange some bread that has been toasted on a dish, and then add your escargot. As an additional dish for your escargot, roasted asparagus is a sure bet.

Oil, salt, and pepper should be sprinkled over the asparagus before roasting it until it begins to brown. Balsamic vinegar and roasted asparagus work together to create a harmonious blend of sweet and savory flavors. Roasting dramatically improves asparagus’s natural sweetness.

On the other hand, A diverse and well-liked meal is rice. It may be seasoned, boiled, or fried to produce the ideal side dish. Experts will also choose boiling white rice as a preferred side dish for escargot.