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What Fish Does Caviar Come From?

Caviar is known as a distinct Culinary delicacy that is part of multiple Gourmet’s moments of delight. The term Caviar is used to describe the eggs of fish which have been treated with Salt. Before you taste this, you must understand the huge distinction between the fishes from which caviar is obtained. Do you know What fish does caviar come from? The Classic Sturgeon Caviar comes from the Salmon, trout, and other fish spices and other Caviar substitutes. Let’s take a closer brief on where real caviar comes from.

Sturgeon fish with text that reads Sturgeon

Which fish does real caviar come from?

Based on the legal regulations of food and agricultural organizations, only fish eggs of the Sturgeon family can be sold under the name of Genuine Caviar. Sturgeon Caviar is famous and most valued caviar because of its salty and nutty taste and creamy texture. Most of the sturgeon spices are on the red list, and the trade of wild Specimens. Real Caviar comes from the Cultivated Sturgeon grown in the aquaculture.

  1. European House Sturgeon: also known as the Beluga Sturgeon and great Sturgeon, which is the world’s largest variety of Sturgeon. The 2 to 4-meter largest fish can weigh up to 250kg & originally native to the black sea. The name Beluga mostly comes from the Russian word that describes the pale side & the belly region of the Sturgeon Species. It is considered the particularly noble & highly sought-after caviar.
  2. Siberian Sturgeon: Siberian comes in size of 80 to 140 cm & occurs naturally in the rivers flowing into the Arctic Ocean in Russia, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan. The Royal Caviar is mostly sourced from Siberian Sturgeon.
  3. Russian Sturgeon: This is also known as Diamond Sturgeon, Danube Sturgeon, or Osietra Sturgeon grows up to two meters long in the wild. This variety is originally native to the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov & Caspian Sea. In the Royal Caviar, you can select between the Imperial Caviar and Imperial Gold Caviar, Osietra Caviar varieties, all of which come from the Gueldenstaedtii Sturgeon.
  4. Hybrid Sturgeon: This type of Hybrid Sturgeon caviar is produced from the different sturgeon species. These are known as Sturgeon Hybrids, which are economically important and are the hybrid of Amur Sturgeon. This is the sturgeon Species, which is 1 to 1.5 meters long & originally found in the Tributaries and Amur in the Sea of Japan.
  5. Kaluga Sturgeon is the species which is also known as the Kaluga Sturgeon & River Beluga, that is up to 4.5 meters long. There are the following species of sturgeon that are responsible for Caviar production which are: Persian sturgeon, white sturgeon, Sterlet, Chinese Sturgeon, Starry Sturgeon, European Sturgeon, Atlantic Sturgeon, etc.

Do you know What fish does caviar come from, which are vegetarian? With the help of modern advanced food technology, it is possible to develop vegetarian & vegan caviar alternatives. These are instantly made of algae or seaweed and seem similar to the Real caviar. In addition, the flavor and consistency of natural caviar vary with the coloring agents, artificial aromas, and flavor enhancement agents.

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