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Kaluga Caviar: How is it different from other types?

Choosing Caviar is a world of endless possibilities. There are 27 different species of sturgeon and so many variables of unique Caviars on the market today. But of all the sought-after Caviars that exist, Kaluga Caviar has earned a reputation for being exceedingly rare, pricey, and delicious. Often referred to as “River Beluga” , Kaluga Caviar is the sustainable answer to the endangered Beluga or European sturgeon population. For some, consumption of Kaluga Caviar may even exceed the exquisite culinary experience of the illegal Beluga Caviar.

photo of fish

Kaluga Caviar is different from other species in the family of fish primarily for its enormous size.The Kaluga sturgeons are capable of growing to sizes of over 18 feet and weight of at least 2,205 lbs. They feed on salmon and other fish while in the river basin. And, much like the Beluga sturgeon, part of their life is spent in salt water. The Kaluga Sturgeon is not just a big fish, they can also produce great amounts of eggs. An adult female Kaluga can produce up to 44 pounds of Caviar. This makes Kaluga Caviar a perfect type of caviar for people who like the texture of firm, well-formed beads. So, size and texture are two factors alone that make Kaluga Caviar an experience unlike any other.

You don’t need to be a caviar expert to realize that Kaluga is big, bold, and most of all: rich. The color of Kaluga Caviar doesn’t compare to other types of Caviar like Beluga or Ossetra, but it does have some unique hues that you won’t find elsewhere. Its main color is a glossy grey, but you will find flecks of dark brown and even olive green. And when it comes to the flavor, expect a very buttery and earthy taste with just a hint of salt.

Kaluga Caviar: How is it different from other types?

So far, so good. Unfortunately, since Kaluga roe is so desirable and the Amur River has been long overfished, the species is struggling to survive, currently listed as critically endangered. In addition, Kaluga is one of the most established and recognized caviar-producing sturgeons in the world, and many poachers are still after the fish despite protection laws put in place many decades ago.

Preparation of Kaluga Caviar encompasses a light salting procedure that produces a tantalizing residual flavor. Fresh Kaluga should be stored in the Frigidaire for 1 to 3 month. However, after it is opened, it’s recommended to keep leftovers in the coldest part of the refrigerator. Remember, the delicate quality of fine varieties like the Kaluga Caviar selection makes it extremely perishable once it has been opened. Furthermore, caviar experts suggest you buy the best Kaluga Caviar in the amounts that you will consume soon after you purchase.

And what should you drink it with? Enjoy it with a nice dry sparkling wine, or go old-school with chilled vodka to cleanse between bites. Don’t load up too much on accouterments and sides because Kaluga is meant to be tasted in full.

photo of caviar on ice
If you’ve been already on the hunt for Kaluga Caviar with no success or you’re on a low budget. You should know there’s a hybrid choice for this type of Caviar. Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to find a pure Kaluga Caviar due to the strict regulations that tend to keep it out of the United States. While you might be missing out on the 100% authentic Kaluga experience, you can still get a fantastic sense of this caviar by finding hybrid versions for great prices. However, original or hybrid, the best Kaluga Caviar is the one which has excellent growing conditions, harvesting and preparation.
And where to find it? The highest quality Kaluga Caviar can be purchased online, on high-quality online stores such the one you’re in or found on the menu at fine restaurants.

Some of the Kaluga Caviar options you’ll find in Caviar Lover are:
3 tins of caviar on ice

Fortunately, getting Caviar from home is a reality nowadays. If you’re ready to try Kaluga Caviar and you’re looking for a place to buy high quality Caviar and still find a great variety of other products visit our store and discover everything we have for you! We recommend you to take a look at our selection of Imported Caviar and Domestic Caviar, we also have: seafood, meats, truffles and gifts.