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What is Amur Ossetra Caviar? Ossetra CaviarIf you are a caviar enthusiast, it is likely Amur Ossetra Caviar will be the star among the rich medley of holiday fare to savor this season. With the approach of winter many of us are gearing up for elegant gatherings and luxury dining. The pearlescence of the crisp roe of Ossetra caviar makes it a striking addition to any elegant affair.  
Ever Wondered... What Does Caviar Taste Like?  what does caviar taste likeIf you ask ten or more people to describe the taste of caviar it is reasonable to expect a range of responses.  A little appreciated fact is that the caviar itself rather than the individual preference determines the true answer to the question what does caviar taste like.  For instance, a consummate caviar consumer will tell you that comparing the taste of high quality caviar such as the restricted Beluga (or its close variant, Golden Imperial Osetra), to a $10 caviar from a supermarket shelf is much like contrasting the meat in a fast food burger with a Wagyu steak or the pate of chicken liver with foie gras
Recipes Using Caviar: 3 Easy Caviar Appetizers Recipes Using CaviarThe great thing about caviar is that you don’t need a lot to make a statement.  As our global community shrinks and the spectrum of interest in caviar broadens, more people are wanting to experience this luxury food. Presenting a tray of appetizers topped with this delicacy has the power make a mundane dining event a little more memorable.  As a result, people are getting more creative about using caviar in recipes.  So, go ahead and wow your guest at the next party or impromptu gathering of friends with these three easy appetizer recipes using caviar.
Caviar Etiquette As one of the world’s most exquisite delicacies, it is not surprising that preparation, serving and eating of caviar also comes with some specific guidelines.  For instance, it is considered boorish to overindulge in more than two small dollops of caviar that is being served at an elegant function as an appetizer.  So, if you have acquired the taste for this decadent fare, it may not be a bad idea to embrace the art and flare of caviar dining with a look at some well-worn caviar etiquette that can make the difference between simply eating caviar and having an elegant dining experience.
So What Exactly is Royal Imperial Caviar? Royal Imperial Caviar is a Bemka’s brand stand out among the varieties of eggs harvested from the Acipenser Dauricus and Acipenser Schrenckii species of the sturgeon fish. Our high selected Royal Imperial, with its succulent eggs, is light brown to golden in color, and has a firm texture with a creamy buttery finish. A relic of the past, these sturgeons have a lifespan of up to 65 years. Their potential to grow in great lengths and in some instances, range in weight from 80 to upwards of 350 pounds no doubt, contributes to the superior and robust taste which closely mimics the most expensive Caspian Caviar.

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