Real Caviar

How do you know you’re getting the real caviar when you fork over hundreds or even thousands of dollars for what you think is the finest caviar? Is salmon caviar the same thing? How do you know the price point is spot-on? Check out these tips for identifying authentic caviar from the impostors. Research has a lot to do with it, so don’t just buy from any old seller on the Net.

Look at the Label

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) now has laws pertaining to how caviar can be labeled. This is due to the fact that so much mislabeling has gone on in decades past, leading to a general confusion in the industry. If you’re buying a product labeled simply “caviar,” you can rest assured you’re getting sturgeon roe – the true caviar in historical terms. If you’re buying roe from other fish, such as salmon, it has to be labeled as such according to regulations. This doesn’t mean salmon caviar is no good – it’s excellent in fact. It’s just not true caviar, which comes from sturgeon roe.

Familiarize Yourself

There are many other types of caviar, such as salmon, lumpfish, and whitefish caviar.American caviar comes from the roe of the Mississippi paddlefish andchoupique,hailing from the local Louisiana fish, the bowfin, according to About Food. Get to know the variety you want so you know you’re getting what you’re paying for. The varieties of caviar depend on what the fish is and how it is processed. Educating yourself on the many types will help you in the end.

Don’t Get Tricked

Some stores and online sites sell products that sound like real caviar but aren’t, such as eggplant caviar (also referred to as Poor Man’s Caviar). While they don’t have any actual caviar in them, these products try to lure you in with the assumption you’re buying the finest sturgeon roe. Beware of copy cats and always read the label.

Trust Your Seller

This is big one. Buying real caviar, whether in person or over the Internet, is not like buying a pair of socks. A lot of research must go into your seller and their reputation. Here at Caviar Lover, you’ll see that we’ve been the supplier for five-star hotels, restaurants and country clubs with the finest gourmet delicacies, including caviar, for the past 20 years. Track record and reputation have a lot to do with the final product you receive. As your official importer of international farmed caviar, domestic wild caviar and other international fine foods, you can trust Caviar Lover to provide you with the best Kaluga Caviar, Royal Imperial Caviar, Russian Ossetra, Royal Siberian, White Sturgeon and Wild American caviar. We also sell Salmon, Whitefish, Flying Fish and Trout Roe. All products are clearly labeled and selected by our trusted professionals to arrive fresh and on time to your home or place of business.

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