Caviar Etiquette Explained!

Caviar Etiquette

As one of the world’s most exquisite delicacies, it is not surprising that preparation, serving and eating of caviar also comes with some specific guidelines.  For instance, it is considered boorish to overindulge in more than two small dollops of caviar that is being served at an elegant function as an appetizer.  So, if you have acquired the taste for this decadent fare, it may not be a bad idea to embrace the art and flare of caviar dining with a look at some well-worn caviar etiquette that can make the difference between simply eating caviar and having an elegant dining experience.

caviar etiquette

Caviar Etiquette

Just as eating caviar is synonymous with opulence and elegance, caviar etiquette is synonymous with the artistry of class and style.  These traditions have been accepted as common practice among royalty and the elite of society for whom caviar is a normal part of their gastronomical heritage. Caviar etiquette provides a customary code of a few polished patterns of behavior that can distinguish a connoisseur from a casual diner.  For caviar newbies, the rules suggested by traditional caviar etiquette enlightens them about such things as; how to serve caviar, how to eat caviar and even how to choose this delicacy when buying caviar online.

How to Serve Caviar

  • Whether you are serving Kaluga Caviar, Russian Ossetra, the less pricey domestic white sturgeon or American Black Bowfin Roe Caviar, scooping it out with a Mother of Pearl spoon helps to preserve the robust flavor of the caviar. One of the cardinal rules of serving caviar is that it should never be scooped with a metal spoon. Every caviar lover will tell you that metal oxidizes the delicate roe which leaves an unpleasant metallic after taste.  In a pinch however, a wooden or “ahem” a plastic spoon may help.
  • Let’s face it, caviar looks best served in a cool crystal bowl gently nestled into a bed of ice. It should be served about fifteen minutes after it is removed from its sealed container. According true caviar aficionados, it is important to gently scoop the sumptuous eggs vertically; from the top of the serving dish to the bottom and up again to avoid destroying the delicate texture of the eggs.
  • When helping yourself from a caviar server, use the spoon presented with the bowl to scoop out a teaspoonful onto your plate. Use the individual utensils provided for serving yourself equally small portions of typical caviar garnishing such as fresh herbs, minced onion and sieved eggs.

How to Eat Caviar

  • Caviar canapés are often passed around on trays at elegant social events. When the tray comes to you, remove one caviar canapé from the platter and pop it into your mouth.
  • If you are serving up your own portions, assemble a caviar canapé with your selected accompaniments on your plate with a knife. When you are ready to eat, lift the canapé to your mouth with your fingers.
  • When tasting caviar, place a small portion on the back of the hand at the confluence of the thumb and forefinger.

Etiquette further suggest that caviar should be eaten in small portions to truly savor the subtle variances in flavor offerings.

While some may shrug off the importance of caviar etiquette, few would disagree that social etiquette makes a difference to how you behave in public and how you are perceived and treated by others.  Adhering to the traditions of serving and eating caviar add up to much the same thing.  It may determine the quality of your entire experience while socializing at events where caviar is served.

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