Serving Caviar at Holiday Parties

Serving Caviar at Holiday Parties

Serving caviar at holiday parties takes your event to a new level of sophistication; no matter the size or scale of your gathering. Just seeing this “food of the gods” on the menu has a way of making every guest feel indulged.  It is also the perfect holiday hors d’oeuvre because of the ease of preparation. And, as long as the host adheres to a few simple serving guidelines, this gourmet appetizer almost always become the centerpiece on your holiday table.  In other words, serving caviar at holiday parties adds a distinctive element that makes the occasion memorable; especially for those being introduced to this delicacy for the first time.

Caviar Etiquette

The polished patterns of behavior that comprise traditional caviar etiquette distinguishes this gourmet fare from others. In fact, these age-old norms are such a commonality among caviar connoisseurs that when they are not observed, it can diminish the experience for those who are cognizant of them.  As such, traditional etiquette of presentation applies more than ever when serving caviar at holiday parties for some of the following reasons:

How to Serve Caviar

  1. Whether you have set up a caviar bar with several varieties of these succulent fish eggs or a simple elegant platter; when serving caviar at holiday parties it is important to have the right utensils available to preserve the texture and essence of this exquisite food. And whether you believe that metal utensils degrade caviar or not, it is important to present caviar in a glass container with a mother of pearl spoon when serving caviar at holiday parties because to do otherwise would…
  • Remove the element of significance from the caviar
  • Most likely displease your guests who are caviar enthusiast; and frankly,
  • A holiday celebration is simply not the time to break with this longstanding tradition.
  1. Let’s face it, caviar looks best served in a shimmering crystal bowl surrounded by a bed of crushed ice or spotlighted atop a Russian blini on an iridescent white platter.
  2. To ensure superior flavor, remove the caviar from the refrigerator and let stand for no longer than 15 minutes before you are prepared to serve it or your guests are due to arrive. To enjoy caviar at its best, it should also be served immediately after it is removed from its sealed container.

Whether you serve caviar as an hors d’oeuvre or as part of an entrée, there are innumerable indulgent recipes to choose from. One of the signature things to remember about caviar is that, among other things; it is itself a garnish.  This element gives a host or hostess unlimited options when serving caviar at holiday parties.  Keep in mind however, that caviar pairs well with simple items that does not compete with the flavor of this delicate dish.

Popular Caviar Pairings                                                                                                                                  

  • Caviar and succulent prawns that top a thin disk of Italian White Chocolate is simply one of the most decadent appetizers for guest at a holiday party.
  • Oysters paired with Kaluga caviar is truly a “sea sensation” and a popular gourmet treat.
  • Bring caviar to the table for a more formal dining experience by pairing with Lobster or wow your guests with traditional caviar and steak tartar.
  • For beverage choices; Vodka and Champagne are the most traditional alcoholic brews that accompanies caviar.

Although it is hardly likely that there will be any left-overs after serving caviar at a holiday party, keep in mind that caviar is a highly perishable food that requires storage at temperatures between 25 and 29 degrees Fahrenheit.

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