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Whole Squab Meats Bemka

Whole Squab


SKU: 0560003

~1 LB 

Palmetto Squab originated from one of the oldest and largest squab farms in the world. The meat is tender and succulent. It is feed an all vegetable diet with spring water. No antibiotics or other chemicals are ever used so that you are assured of flavor. Squab offers red, tender and lean meat with a unique taste, which makes it a popular choice on game menus.

There are several reasons why squab, despite its relative rarity compared to other poultry, holds a special place in the hearts of many food lovers:

Flavor and Texture:

Delicate and nuanced: Unlike the bolder flavor of duck or goose, squab offers a milder, more refined taste, often described as sweet and slightly gamy. This makes it appealing to a wider range of palates.

Tender and melt-in-your-mouth: Squab meat is exceptionally tender and juicy, thanks to its young age and quick cooking time. The texture is often described as "silky" and "delicate," offering a luxurious mouthfeel.

Versatility: While squab can be enjoyed simply seasoned and roasted, it readily absorbs the flavors of herbs, spices, and sauces, making it adaptable to various culinary styles and dishes.

Uniqueness and Experience:

Rarity and luxury: Compared to readily available chicken or turkey, squab is considered a niche product, adding to its perceived exclusivity and enhancing the dining experience.

Historical significance: Squab has been enjoyed for centuries in many cultures, carrying a certain historical charm and culinary tradition.

Symbol of celebration: In some cultures, squab is associated with special occasions and celebrations, further elevating its appeal.

Health and Sustainability:

Lean and nutritious: Squab is rich in protein and minerals like iron and zinc, while being lower in fat compared to other poultry options.

Sustainable option: Farm-raised squab can be more sustainable than certain commercially produced meats due to their smaller scale and lower feed requirements.

However, it's important to consider:

Price point: Due to its limited availability and specialized care, squab can be significantly more expensive than other poultry options.

Availability: Finding squab may not be as easy as finding chicken or turkey at your local grocery store.

Overall, the unique combination of flavor, texture, historical appeal, and potential health benefits make squab a desirable but niche culinary experience for many. Whether it's the right choice for you depends on your individual preferences, budget, and ethical considerations.

Whole Squab


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