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Bemka Caviar Flight Caviar Caviar Lover Bemka

Bemka Caviar Flight


SKU: 021719

Caviar tasting Flight will allow you to put your palate to the test. Experiment with six different Half-ounce jars of our best-selling caviar.

This set includes:
1- Royal Imperial caviar (1/2 oz)
1- Beluga caviar (1/2 oz)
1- Crown caviar (1/2 oz)
1- Royal Siberian Ossetra caviar (1/2 oz)
1- Amur Kaluga caviar (1/2 oz)
1- Hackleback caviar (1/2 oz)
2- Creme Fraiche (1.25 oz Ea)
2- Mother of Pearl spoon 
1- French Blinis canape (16 count)

Caviar FLIGHT tasting tip:
There is really no “right” or “wrong” way to taste a flight of caviar, however, there are certain methods that may make the tasting experience a little easier and help you get the most out of your caviar flight.

Often you will see caviar in a flight arranged in light to dark. Eat the caviar in your flight in a specific order, like starting light in color and finishing dark (literally), can enhance the tasting experience.

Caviar flights, featuring several types of caviar presented for tasting, hold a special appeal as Gifts for several reasons:

Luxury and Indulgence: Caviar itself is a luxury food associated with opulence and refined palates. Receiving a selection of different kinds elevates the experience further, offering a chance to explore nuanced flavors and textures like a connoisseur.

Uniqueness and Surprise: Caviar flights are relatively uncommon Gifts, especially compared to standard gourmet options. This element of surprise adds to the excitement and makes the recipient feel genuinely appreciated and considered.

Discovery and Exploration: Unlike a single jar of caviar, a flight encourages experimentation and tasting notes, comparing subtleties in color, texture, and flavor profiles. It turns the experience into an interactive culinary journey, creating a memorable shared experience if enjoyed with loved ones.

Versatility and Elegance: Caviar flights can be customized based on the recipient's preferences and dietary restrictions. The presentation itself is often aesthetically pleasing, with mother-of-pearl spoons and garnishes adding to the celebratory air.

Status and Impressiveness: Gifting a caviar flight sends a subtle message of understanding the recipient's discerning taste and willingness to splurge on something truly special. This can be particularly impactful for corporate gifting or celebrating significant milestones.

Bemka Caviar Flight


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