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Lumpfish Caviar vs Sturgeon Caviar

Are you confused between lumpfish caviar and sturgeon caviar? Which one is the best caviar for you? This post will give you complete clarity for lumpfish caviar and sturgeon caviar so that you can make the right decision for your next purchase of caviar.

Lumpfish Caviar vs Sturgeon Caviar

In general, caviar is created from fish eggs, which is also considered a luxury food item. Many types of caviar are now available in the market, but sturgeon caviar is one of the most expensive and well-known types. However, the other type of caviar, named lumpfish caviar, is popular in the world. Let’s check out some differences between these two.

The Major Difference Between Lumpfish Caviar and Sturgeon Caviar

Source: Usually, sturgeon caviar is produced from sturgeon fish, which take years of time to mature. This type of fish is known as the slow-growing and large fish that results in more expensive and rare sturgeon caviar. On the other hand, lumpfish caviar is produced from the lumpfish, which matures more quickly. This type of fish is known as the more plentiful and smaller fish.

Flavor: Lumpfish caviar and sturgeon caviar also differ in terms of flavour. It has been identified that a complex flavour profile is associated with sturgeon caviar with a creamy and buttery texture. However, the taste may vary based on the different types of sturgeon. The taste of sturgeon caviar is often elaborated as briny, nutty, and sweet. On the other hand, lumpfish caviar has a bold and more assertive taste with a slightly salty and bitter flavour.

Appearance: These two types of caviar also differ in terms of appearance. Lumpfish caviar has much smaller eggs that come in red or dyed black colour. Its texture is less firm and softer, with a less pronounced pop in your mouth. On the contrary, sturgeon caviar has firm and large eggs that come in different colour ranges like black, pale grey etc., with a glossy sheen. Its texture is firm and smooth, with a delicate pop in your mouth.

Price: Based on the price factors, lumpfish caviar is considered affordable and comes in a lower price range. On the other hand, sturgeon caviar is considered to be the most expensive caviar, with a high price range.

Uses: Lumpfish caviar is more versatile and can be used in different dishes like sushi, canapes, and salads. Sturgeon caviar is known as a luxury food item that is used in high-end cuisine. It is traditionally served with sour cream, blinis, or toast points. If you look into history, the use of sturgeon is always preferred to enhance the taste of food.

Overall, lumpfish caviar and sturgeon caviar have differences in terms of different textures, flavours, uses, prices, and appearances. It has been identified that lumpfish caviar is more versatile and affordable, while sturgeon caviar has a more complex firm texture, flavour profile, and high price tags. You can enjoy this caviar in different ways as per your choice. If you want to buy any of these types of caviar, then you can visit the website of Caviar Lover.

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