Caviar Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

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A great gift is picked to fit the occasion and Mother’s Day is definitely an occasion! When you give a gift you’re sending a meaningful message, and should undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. If you want to deliver an impressive and meaningful Gift for Mother’s Day, Caviar checks off all of these elements. 


If you’re not very familiar with Caviar but want to make a great impression with a special dinner or family brunch, Caviar Lover has the perfect gift guide that will help you make your pick much easier. We’ve selected the best baskets from our Gifts section, get to know them, discover what’s included and enjoy! But before going into details, if you’re still doubting Caviar as a Gift for Mother’s Day, these are some reasons that may convince you to give Caviar for this special occasion. 


Caviar is unique

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Caviar is an exclusive and unique gift. These qualities surprise and simultaneously excite people when giving or receiving. It is unique, luxurious, and compared to many other luxury gourmet foods, it is rarely gifted. Caviar, especially when shared with others, is one that leaves a remarkable impression because it helps create many conversations and memories around the table. 


Caviar is suitable for all budgets 


When buying Caviar you really don’t want to settle for anything less when it comes to texture and taste. The texture should be smooth and firm, the eggs should pop in your mouth and the taste should be slightly salty with a hint of nutty flavor. So, which one to choose? There are so many types of Caviar you’d like to try them all. You’ll be able to find a type of Caviar that suits your wants, needs and your budget. 


Visit Caviar Lover’s online store, discover all the types of Caviar available and enjoy. 


Cheers with Caviar!

No celebration is complete without a toast!  Champagne is another excellent addition to your Gift for Mother’s Day. Plus, its sweet flavors meld perfectly with the mild saltiness of Caviar.The crisp and effervescent bubbles are also great palate cleansers, so if you’re planning a big dinner table champagne seems like the perfect drink to pair. 

Now you know why Caviar is a great idea for Mother’s Day, it’s time to introduce the gift sets Caviar Lover recommends to give away this special date. 


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If Mother’s Day is quite an event in your family, this gift set is perfect to celebrate when you’re having lots of guests or a numerous family. This Deluxe Brunch Gift Set includes:


2 Crown Ossetra caviar (1oz)

2 Royal Imperial caviar (1oz)

1 French Mini Toasts, (2.82 oz)

1 Creme fraiche (8oz)

1 Scottish Smoked Salmon (4oz)

1 Black Pepper Bellavitano Cheese (5.3oz)

1 Sliced Iberico Bellota Ham (2oz)

1 French Rosette Salami (6.5oz)

1 Bellavitano Gold Cheese (5.3oz)

1 Strawberry and Fig Jam 11 oz

1 Peach Honey Mustard 11 oz



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For a beginner in the Caviar world, this is the standard set that offers you everything you need to be the perfect host. This set includes:


1 Royal Imperial caviar (1/2 oz)

1 Beluga caviar (1/2 oz)

1 Crown caviar (1/2 oz)

1 Royal Siberian Ossetra caviar (1/2 oz)

1 Amur Kaluga caviar (1/2 oz)

1 Hackleback caviar (1/2 oz)

2 Creme Fraiche (1.25 oz Ea)

2 Mother of Pearl spoon 

1 French Blinis canape (16 count)



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For a mother and daughter or mother and son celebration, this set will be the perfect basket for a dinner or brunch for two. 


American Salmon Caviar 1 oz

American Hackleback Sturgeon 1 oz

American Paddlefish Caviar 1 oz

Mother of Pearl Spoons, two of them

Blinis pack

Crème Fraîche 1.25 oz mini tubs


With this gift guide you won’t have an excuse to not surprise this Mother’s Day! Want to keep looking for more options? Visit Caviar Lover and click on our Gifts section to discover all the sets available for this special date. Come and visit us! We’ll be looking forward to helping you find the perfect present. 

Enjoy our promo for Mother’s Day!

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