All about our Limited Edition: Diamond Ossetra

Ossetra Caviar is one of the popular types of Caviar. For beginners or Caviar connoisseurs Ossetra is the best option for enjoying a real Caviar experience. But could you find an even better option than Ossetra? and the answer is yes! Caviar Lover’s new Limited Edition Diamond Ossetra has the best from classical Ossetra Caviar and beyond. 


The new Limited Edition Diamond Ossetra is one of our most rare and unique Caviar. Its color is piercing gold, its taste is impeccably smooth and creamy and it leaves you with your most memorable caviar experience you could imagine. Want to try it? Visit Caviar Lover, go to our Imported Caviar category and get it! But first, let’s recap some facts about Ossetra Caviar and at the end, we’ll share with you ideas on how to serve it at home. 


Ossetra Caviar 

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Ossetra caviar is one of the most sought after Caviars on the market. It comes second to Beluga Caviar and its roe is harvested from the osetra is medium to large in size and has a variety of shades, including black, brown, gray and gold.  


This fish can grow to an impressive size, weighing in around 250 pounds. It can live up to 50 years and has a low reproduction rate. However, nowadays Osetra sturgeons are endangered in the wild due to overfishing and therefore, they became a  rare commodity.


Ossetra Caviar stands out from the rest because it is more delicate than others due to a lower salt content and a smaller size of the eggs. It also has a reputation for being overpriced and only for the richest. This is due to the fact that osetra sturgeon is a rare, endangered creature that is non-renewable. The harvesting techniques take much investment, effort, expertise and protecting their wild populations requires global cooperation and sacrifice.


Although Ossetra Caviar is truly pricey, there is quite a range in cost for this type of Caviar and it will depend on the type, or classification and differs from store to store.


How to serve Limited Edition Diamond Ossetra

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If you want to try our Limited Edition Diamond Ossetra but still not sure how to serve it, here is some advice you’d like to follow. 


First, to fully appreciate any type of fine Caviar, it must be eaten cold. And we mean very cold. The recommended temperature is below 28 degrees Fahrenheit, so keep it in the coldest part of your fridge during storage. 


Second, try keeping Caviar in its original container. You could also place the Caviar into a non-metallic bowl or dish. 


Third, the best way to appreciate the taste of osetra caviar according to experts is to sample it solo. However, there’s a bunch of accompaniments to try Caviar without compromising its amazing taste. These are a few ideas: 


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Unsalted Bread


Unsalted types do an excellent job of bringing out the rich flavor of Caviar.  The fresh smell, crisp crumbs, and very mild taste of bread mixes perfectly with the buttery texture of the roe. Plus, you’ll find this at any supermarket or local bakery. 




Blini is a traditional Slavic pancake highly regarded in international cuisine, and occasionally baked with cheese and fruit. Many people like to eat Blinis and Caviar the classic way: put a little caviar on the top of a dollop of blini and enjoy.


Hard-Boiled Eggs


For this option you’ll have no excuse because it is right in your fridge. You just need to toss some eggs in an egg cooker, remove the shells, slice each egg in half, spread some caviar on them, and enjoy. If you’re not a big fan of the yolks, let the simple taste of the whites enhance your experience. 

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So, are you ready for a new and limited Caviar experience? Visit Caviar Lover and get Limited Edition Diamond Ossetra and try this exclusive type before it runs out! Choose your favorite way to serve it, invite some guests and enjoy the experience of trying a new and original product by buying it from our online store and getting it right at your home.