Caviar & Christmas

In the world, there is no food item which this expensive; caviar is the most valued food item in the world with different categories like alma’s white beluga; this could be retail in the market for over 25,000$ per KG. Not all eggs are created equally, although the cost could be varied innumerable digits, depending on whom you buy and what you are buying. Some types of salted fish and caviar are easily available and could afford by others. Most of the customers need to learn why these caviars are so expensive.


Why is this so Expensive?

There are mainly 5 factors which are the main reason for the price it costs.

  • Availability and Species, Types of Fish
  • Maturation) time is taken to produce roe
  • Manufacturing and harvesting process
  • grading salted roe quality
  • sourcing and popularity, supply and demand


These categorizations are not all coifing and will not narrow down every available source in the world or the cost of each roe type. Still, by breaking into these 5 categories, we could get an overview of how these caviars get their price tag and decide which category they will sell.

Caviar with Spoon


Why caviar at Christmas?

You cannot find a more deliciously indulgent than caviar, and if you test it in its original version, then the best suggestion is to go and buy the mother-of-pearl spoons which don’t influence the rest of the caviar. So if you want to host your own Christmas, just buy a tin of caviar; there is barely a person who doesn’t like caviar. For Christmas morning, baerii caviar from baerii sturgeon is a perfect choice and would be best if spooned over some scrambled eggs. Bear and beluga are the finest caviar that anyone could get and are perfect for Christmas.


Another option is scepter caviar, which has a nutty taste and a brown tinge. Although its quality is not as good as beluga, it tastes delicious. Also, fish caught in cold waters is delicious and has the most flavor. So this is why 33% of the industry’s sales come during charismas time. And bringing a tin of caviar to your house party or your friends’ party will make them happy and bring a smile to their faces.

Red and Black Caviar Image

So finally, we know that the price of caviar varies from one to another. Still, they all are directly affected by the factors of the overall demand and supply of the market, the quality of the refined roe, the process of manufacturing, the time it takes to mature, and which animal the roe derives from. Overall, the cost of original caviar is so expensive due to the time it takes to harvest and the resources it takes to produce it. Now because of the successful protection of wild species and sturgeon farming, we can get the very rare and highest quality of sturgeon roes which were almost exterminated from the world.