Best 3 types of Imported Caviar

What comes to your mind when you think about Caviar? Luxury, exquisiteness, flavors from the sea, all of these are true. Caviar is a whole universe. You’ll find it of all colors, textures, flavors and types. There are actually more than 27 approximately 27 different kinds of Caviar in the market. But today we’re talking about Imported Caviar. 

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First, let’s recap. What is Caviar? Caviar is eggs or roe collected from the sturgeon family traditionally sourced from the Caspian and Black Seas. Although all female fish lay eggs, only sturgeon eggs are considered Caviar. Other forms of fish eggs like salmon, trout, and flying fish are also considered “roe”, however these are known as Caviar substitutes, a  popular and affordable alternative to Caviar.


Now the question is, what is Imported Caviar? Among all of the different types of Caviar available in the market there are two main categories: Imported and Domestic. The difference is quite simple: Imported Caviar refers to the types of Caviar farmed and produced in Europe in the original countries with long Caviar tradition. On the other hand, Domestic Caviar is the one produced in the United States as a result of the overfishing and banning of several kinds of the fish. 


Choosing the ideal Caviar may be tricky, especially for beginners, but if you want to go all the way in choosing between Imported Caviar types, there are certain factors that will help you distinguish the best caviars: 


  • Top quality caviars are lightly salted, prepared in the true “Malossol” manner. 
  • Caviar should never have a strong or overpowering “fishy” odor. Instead, great quality caviar has a subtle essence of the ocean. 
  • Caviar eggs should be distinctly separate globes, with a firm, lustrous appearance.
  • Caviar eggs should pop in the mouth, releasing a buttery, nutty flavor that flows over the tongue. 
  • And caviar never, ever is colored with artificial colors.


Following this advice and knowing what Imported Caviar is, next Caviar Lover is sharing a list of the best 3 types of Imported Caviar available in our online store. 


Osetra Caviar 

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Osetra Caviar is the most popular type of Caviar you’ll ever  find. It is more delicate than other types because they have a lower salt content and their eggs are smaller. Its flavor ranges from buttery to nutty  with hints of citrus or seafood-like. And just like Caviar itself, Osetra Caviar has its own types and scale of quality.


There are 3 types of Osetra caviar: Imperial, Royal or Classic. The age, size and genetic features of the fish determine the size, color, taste, and texture of its roe. These are the features that help experts classify and rank osetra caviar as either Imperial, Royal or Classic.


The highest ranking Osetra Caviar is Imperial. This is recognized by its unusual golden color, larger size, firmness and deep, unique flavor. Coming in second place is Royal, with slightly smaller globes with a juicy texture and olive, brown, gray hue. And the last one, Classic. 


Whichever you want to try first, find them all in Caviar Lover: 



Kaluga Caviar 

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Also known as “River Beluga”, Kaluga Caviar has earned a reputation for being exceedingly rare, pricey, and delicious. Its main color is a glossy gray, but you will find flecks of dark brown and even olive green.  And when it comes to the flavor, expect a very buttery and earthy taste with just a hint of salt. Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to find a pure Kaluga Caviar due to the strict regulations that tend to keep it out of countries like the United States. However, you should know there’s a hybrid choice for this type of Caviar, so you’ll be able to enjoy all its tastes in a sustainable way. Just keep in mind the best Kaluga Caviar will always be the one with excellent growing conditions, harvesting and preparation.


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Sevruga Caviar 

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Last but not least is Sevruga Caviar. Sevruga is part of the sturgeon family, being trim and small in comparison to the Osetra and the Beluga. It is similar in its taste to Osetra, and is also a less costly alternative. Sevruga Caviar is incredibly popular due to its exquisite taste that dissolves in your mouth like butter. These eggs are usually gray and relatively smaller in size than other caviar. Sevruga Caviar comes from a type of sturgeon fish that is more common and reproduces more quickly, this makes it the most commonly found of the sturgeon Caviar and the least expensive type of Caviar of the top imported varieties.


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These are three new options to consider next time you’re buying Caviar. Follow the advice, choose your favorite one, find a recipe and invite some guests. Whichever type of Caviar you choose, people will go wow when you serve Caviar on the table. 


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