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Serving Caviar may seem like a tricky task. Traditionally, it is believed the only way to serve caviar is by itself, although having Caviar solo is a real delight, there are many ways to serve it. Tradition also says Caviar should be eaten in small portions, smaller than a tablespoon and  It’s recommended to take small bites and savor the subtle flavors and texture. However, since the industry has changed so fast in the past decade, Caviar is now enjoyed more often and in larger quantities per sitting. 

No matter if it is at a restaurant, corporate event or a cocktail party, serving Caviar in the proper way requires the right conditions and tools so the product can be enjoyed at its full potential. If you want to learn how to serve Caviar like a pro, these are the top tips to follow: 



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The right temperature to keep Caviar should be between 26 – 34℉. Keep the container airtight and in the coldest part of the refrigerator until it is ready to serve, otherwise, Air and heat could damage the quality of your Caviar.  


Caviar should be served in small portions. If you have a recipe, follow the instructions for how much you plan to make, but when you’re eating alone or with any other accompaniment, we recommend 1 ounce per guest as an estimate.


 To make sure your Caviar is the best quality, self-inspect will always be a good idea. Check it was air-tight and kept at optimum temperatures (26-34 F). Look for any musty, or off-putting smells. Sample a taste of the product before removing too much from the container and feeding it to others. Anytime you are eating directly from the caviar’s original container, it is polite to avoid putting the serving spoons directly in your mouth and returning them to the product and Bon appetit!


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The best thing you can do is have your own caviar dish or caviar plate to serve on. You might also want to use a special caviar spoon made from porcelain, glass, plastic, bone, mother of pearl, or shell to scoop and spread your caviar. The material of the spoon affects the initial taste as it hits your tongue and the eggs can actually absorb the flavors of the material through their membrane. Any surface that comes into contact with the caviar, including all dishes and serving-ware, must be made out of materials that will not adversely affect the taste of the roe.


How to eat: 

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Just like a fine wine, when having Caviar roll the eggs around your mouth to savor its rich flavor and unique texture. Chewing caviar might result in loss of flavor so if you’ve done it, don’t do it anymore! Instead, before eating, bring the caviar to your nose and smell the aroma, then place a small amount in your mouth. Between tastings, it is recommended you cleanse your palate, so make sure to have your favorite drink by your side. 



If Caviar it’s not eaten at once after serving, it should be completely covered with a layer of ice or in a thick layer of iced water until the meal is finished. After serving, use a tight-fitting lid to cover. Use a container that’s made for Caviar ( plastic or glass) but  don’t use tinned food containers as they can react with the product. 


One last important tip: don’t add salt to your Caviar! The flavor of Caviar can be ruined by even a small pinch.  The only time you can add some salt is when Caviar is served with omelettes, blini and other dishes where the eggs are already cooked. 

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Did you make your notes? Next time you’re in charge of serving Caviar follow this advice and you’ll do it just like a professional. But first, where to get high quality Caviar? When buying Caviar always go to reputable stores or places specialized in fine foods like Caviar Lover. 


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