Russian Caviar Pizza

You’re going to need plenty of dough if you desire to get one of these wallet-busting pizzas.

Steveston Pizza in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, sell a range of pizzas piled high with rare fish and shellfish.

$450 Pizza with lobster and Russian caviar
Topped with ingredients including lobster Thermidor, smoked black Alaskan cod, creme fraiche and Russian Osetra caviar

Nader Hatami, the dining establishment’s owner and head chef, says the $450 price shouldn’t put clients off his pricey productions.

Mr Hatami’s production is far from the world’s most expensive pizza. That accolade belongs to Margo’s Pizzeria in Malta, which in 2010 reportedly offered a pizza for a huge $2,380.

The thin crust came topped with white truffles, 24-carat gold leaf and buffalo mozzarella.

russian caviar pizza
Chef Nader Hatami from British Columbia, Canada

While trustworthy positions are difficult to come by, 2nd area may go to Nino’s Bellissima Pizza in Manhattan, New York City, which asserted it had a big hit with a £1,000 effort which came stacked with $820-worth of caviar.

Nino’s owner, Nino Selimaj, said at the time that hundreds of affluent New Yorkers had actually already grabbed the decadent dish, that included both Beluga and Black Russian Royal Sevruga caviars as toppings.

‘People who understand about their caviar love this pizza,’ he stated. ‘We sell them to political leaders, Wall Street traders, or couples celebrating a birthday or anniversary.’.

So Mr Hatami has some way to go prior to he’s battling the huge kids in the niche market for expensive pizzas, but he’s stepping up his video game.

For Canadian food-lovers with lots of money to burn, Steveston Pizza is now readied to launch an even more expensive variation, the C7, which will cost a whopping $750.

It contains all of the ingredients from the C6 pizza but adds an additional topping of luxury white truffle carpaccio shavings.


All pizzas are divided into 10 pieces, providing each piece a jaw-dropping price of $75 each.

Hungry pizza enthusiasts need to order their high brow dishes one day in advance before they can select them up.