Caviar: Where to source the best and how to serve it

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Caviar is a delicacy that we must not miss on our palate. That is why we will tell you where you can buy the best caviar and some spectacular tips so that you can serve it as the best chef.


Anyone who has heard of Caviar will be intrigued to discover its great taste. And anyone who has tried it will want to continue tasting this delicious and luxurious delicacy. Before starting with everything that we will tell you in this blog, let’s talk about a good caviar’s qualities.


Which is the best caviar?


When the fish roe is more extensive and lighter, it is assumed that they are of better quality. It is the reason to know the characteristics that determine the Caviar’s quality, such as the size of the roe, color, or production method.


When the roe is more considerable and more precise, they are supposed to be of better quality. Still, little by little, this trend is changing since the best Caviar will be the one that we like the most depending on our tastes”. Regarding the varieties that succeed in the market -there are more than 25.


What is the most important Caviar and where to source?


We will talk about the types of Caviar that we have as imported Caviar.


At Caviar Lover, we have 12 types of imported Caviar. Each one with excellent quality and flavor. However, we will tell you about some of them that we consider the most important.

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Beluga Caviar: Still the most famous of the caviars, our Beluga Hybrid will not disappoint. Well known for its sizable pearlescent grey eggs and full-bodied and rich flavor with a very creamy texture and long finish. The Huso Huso sturgeon, indigenous to the Caspian Sea, is the largest of all sturgeon species, growing up to a tonne in the wild. The fish are Caviar mature at 18 years old, and it is this time that gives the roe its genuinely unique characteristics. Still considered the best Caviar available. Perfect for that extra special treat. Buy here

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Russian Osetra Caviar : Our Crown Russian Osetra caviar, with its remarkable, nutty flavor and firm, juicy texture, has large, brown grains and is a favorite among caviar connoisseurs.Crown Russian Osetra has less than 3% salt content, like a real “Malossol” (Russian for “Low Salt”). Buy here

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Imperial Russian Osetra Caviar: Golden Imperial Russian Osetra caviar has creamy and large-sized eggs with a firm texture and golden color. The flavor is described as nutty and buttery and distinct to caviar connoisseurs. We select and grade these small batches of Russian Osetra to verify it is of the highest quality. This Golden Russian Osetra is a top of the line caviar, meticulously selected for gourmets to enjoy. Buy here

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Kaluga Caviar: Our Kaluga Caviar mimics the Beluga in size, color, and taste. It is derived from Huso Dauricus and Acipenser Schrenckii sturgeon species. With the largest grain and most delicate in the sturgeon roe flavor, Kaluga Selection Caviar has a nutty flavor with buttery overtones. Its color varies from medium to dark brown with a clear glossy finish. Buy here

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Sevruga Caviar:This Sevruga Sturgeon Caviar is exceptional for any special occasion. Cured in the traditional Russian Malossol technique by expert Caviar producers, Sevruga is a real delicacy with a pronounced yet smooth flavor. The dark, steel-grey color and small-to-medium pearls are full of delicious Caviar flavor and beautiful brine notes in every bite. They are making it a popular choice for lovers of classic Caviar. Buy here


How to serve it?


Like any other type of Caviar, Good Caviar has a traditional way of serving it: cold and preferably in a non-metallic container.

The presentation is usually made in a glass bowl or bowl, with ice at its base to keep the product cool.

As Caviar producers and marketers, we recommend not using silver or other metal bowls. Its flavor may change due to Caviar’s little oxidation when it comes into contact with certain metals.

The best utensils to serve and take Caviar are glass and mother-of-pearl spoons, although other materials such as wood, bone, or some types of PVC are allowed.


There are vintage books that indicate that the most traditional utensils to serve and taste this delicacy are those made of gold, but this is only for very wealthy people and a bit extravagant.


You should also know that Caviar is not squashed. It is deposited on toast, slice, or cookie. It is the traditional Russian way of eating and serving it.


Now that we tell you all about the best Caviar, where to buy it and how to serve it, do you dare to try it? We assure you that you will not regret trying this delicious delicacy at Caviar Lover.

If you want to know more about our imported Caviar, visit our website and become a true Caviar Lover.