Best Type of Caviar

What is the best type of Caviar?

Different caviar types are best suited for different dishes. For example, beluga hybrid caviar is commonly used in salads or as a condiment, while salmon caviar is typically used in cooked dishes such as stews and omelettes. Ultimately, the best type of Caviar for a particular dish depends on the ingredients used and personal preference.

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Beluga hybrid caviar: Beluga hybrid caviar is made from the eggs of the beluga whale. The creamy texture and distinctive flavour make it a favourite among luxury chefs and food enthusiasts.


Salmon Caviar: Salmon caviar is made from fish eggs salted, cooked, and then frozen. The bright red colour of salmon Caviar sets it apart from other types of Caviar and contributes to its unique flavours when used in dishes.


imperial Ossetra Caviar: Golden Imperial Ossetra caviar has rich and large-sized eggs with a firm texture and golden color. The flavor is nutty, buttery, and distinct to caviar connoisseurs. We select and grade these small batches of Ossetra to verify it is of the highest quality. This Golden Ossetra is a top of the line caviar, meticulously selected for epicureans to enjoy.


Sturgeon Caviar: Sturgeon caviar is made from the eggs of a type of sturgeon that are freshwater fish. The pearlescent white Caviar has a delicate flavour and can be used in savoury or sweet dishes.


Whitefish caviar: This Caviar can be great as an appetiser and garnish for gourmet brunches. It is a type of Caviar with a great crispy and crunchy texture that pops in the mouth. This offers a smooth texture followed by a hint of the salty sea.


Oyster caviar: Serving Caviar is an Art itself, and this oyster caviar elevates the whole new experience. This Caviar is served on half an oyster, elevating the dish and providing a drool-worthy taste.


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Tips for preparing Caviar

It is best to buy Caviar that has been frozen immediately after being collected from fish. Caviar can be stored in a sealed container in the freezer for up to six months. To prepare Caviar:

  1. Rinse it with cold water to remove any dirt or faeces attached to the fish eggs.
  2. Place the cleaned and dried Caviar into a small saucepan over low heat and cook until each egg is translucent, about two minutes per side.
  3. Serve hot or chilled straight out of the pan.


What is the difference between caviar and caviar eggs?

Caviar is a type of fish egg that has been salted, cooked, and then frozen. Caviar eggs are just that- eggs that have been treated in this way but do not contain any fish. Caviar eggs are a type of Caviar made from the eggs of a type of fish. Caviar eggs are essentially just egg yolks that have been treated to make them into Caviar- they do not contain any fish meat but are full of oil and protein from the fish itself.




Caviar has much variety, and each type has its unique flavor and texture. Caviar can be used in both savoury and sweet dishes and is most commonly served as an accent to a meal rather than the main course. So it should only be eaten on special occasions due to its high price tag and preparation time, but overall it’s a luxurious food item that should not be missed when enjoyed on special occasions. If you want to enjoy gourmet food with Caviar, then do visit the official website of Caviar Lover and discover the best.