GRASS-FED COWBOY RIBEYE STEAKS 6 – 8 steaks (22oz-26oz)


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Ribeye steaks are beloved by steak fans for their big beefy flavor and significant marbling (which leads to a more moist steak). These ribeye steaks are bone-in ribeye chops (also known as “cowboy steaks”), each with a single bone that has been cleaned of meat & fat (“frenched”) for a more elegant presentation. Bone-in steaks are generally considered to offer better flavor than boneless steaks.

Grass Fed & Pasture Raised
Silver Fern Farms Angus beef is 100% grass-fed & finished, raised free range on massive, pristine pastures in New Zealand. No hormone or antibiotic growth promotants are ever used, and GMOs are illegal there.

Because of New Zealand’s moderate climate, these cattle are pasture raised year round, with free access to windbreaks and other structures for shelter from inclement weather.

10 lb box average

100% Grass Fed (never grain finished)
Pasture Raised Free Range
Verified Black Angus Breed
No Hormone or Antibiotic Growth Promotants
GMOs are Illegal in New Zealand
Individually Vacuum Packed
New Zealand