Tuna Fillets and Anchovies

Tuna Fillets and Anchovies:

Yellowfin tuna is a brand-new line of imported, premium tuna products available in a variety of ingenious flavors and presentations. All items contain only the finest Yellowfin tuna, wild-caught in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean and ready and hand-packed in Costa Rica. All items contain either spring water or olive oil, together with natural flavorings such as garlic, oregano, jalapeno, smoke oil, and lemon. Wild Caught, Hand-Packed & Dolphin Safe

Anchovies from Europe: The selection consists of large white Anchovy Fillets, Marinated “Mediterranean Style” in Oil and Vinegar, either plain or with their own specific ingredients added, such as Anchovies with Garlic, Anchovies with Basil, and Anchovies with Oriental Sauce, to produce scrumptious appetisers, salads, beginners or treats

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