Smoked Fish: This Norwegian Smoked Salmon has actually been made in the Norwegian style making use of the finest specially selected fresh Atlantic salmon. The fillets are cut by hand. 100 % all natural and kosher approved.

St James Scottish Reserve Fish is produced from the finest selected fresh Scottish Salmon. Double oak smoked for 24 hours in Scotland. Free from artificial tastes and preservatives and kosher approved.

Makcnight’s Scottish Kings come from selecting the finest Atlantic Salmon in the waters of Scotland’s Hebrides Islands. Once picked, each tuna fillet is cleaned and deboned followed by a 24 hour immersion in fresh natural herbs, sea salt and brown sugar.

Marinated Anchovies: Big white Anchovy Fillets, Marinated “Mediterranean Style” in Oil and Vinegar, either plain or with their own individual components added, such as Anchovies with Garlic, Anchovies with Basil, and Anchovies with Oriental Sauce, to create scrumptious appetizers, tossed salads, beginners or snacks

Tuna Fillets contain only the finest Yellowfin tuna, wild-caught in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean and hand-packed and prepared in Costa Rica.

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