Caviar Health Benefits

Caviar Health Benefits

This Delicacy isn’t Just Delicious, Caviar Health Benefits Are Impressive!

Caviar Health BenefitsIf you are into power shakes and dishing out big bucks for high quality mega vitamins you may want to take a look at the caviar health benefits.  Even if you thought you couldn’t afford this delicacy, caviar is so nutritionally dense that it may be a better alternative to routinely gagging on costly nutritional pills or concoctions. It is definitely a win-win approach to boosting health since you can; all at once, get the caviar health benefits, the innumerable caviar benefits for skin while enjoying the caviar taste

The good news is getting the caviar health benefits is not dependent on the type of caviar, where it is harvested or the cost. Whether you reach for the red or black fish roe caviar on a grocery shelf or prefer the exquisite taste of a classic Russian Ossetra caviar, the nutritional value is the same.  Also, because of its high alimentary content, caviar health benefits can help in optimizing the recovery process for patients after surgery.  In fact; the American Heart Association suggest getting 1 gram of omega-3 every day as a way to reduce blood clotting and prevent hardening in the arteries.  Research also suggests that omega-3 fatty acids in caviar aid in chasing the blues away for people with mental health problems such as depression or bipolar disorder.

Caviar health benefits are provided by the presence of a host of vitamins and minerals but the effects   are more observable in those nutrients that are at higher levels in caviar such as:

  • Vitamin A – One cup of caviar contains 145 IU of Vitamin A which is the retinal activity equivalent of 43.4 mcg. Vitamin A promotes healthy skin cell recovery, support eye and vision health by reducing the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. It also facilitates adaptability to light fluctuations. Studies indicate that Vitamin A prevent urinary stones, aid in the prevention of certain cancers, promote bone healthy, aid in muscular dystrophy and slow the aging process.

Vitamin A’s primary mechanism of action that boost the immune system to fight against harmful antigens work by ramping up lymphocytic activity in the body.

  • Vitamin B12 plays a key role in enabling optimum health. In fact, caviar health benefits are legendary in that B12 is recognized for its ability to support optimum health in the young, the old and everyone in-between.  In addition to its mood enhancing qualities, Vitamin B12 is known to combat asthma in children, support healing in HIV adult patients and stave off the debilitating symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease in the elderly.
  • Choline is similar in chemical structure to the B-complex vitamins. Choline studies suggest it is important to early development and long term maintenance of brain and liver functions. Choline works in concert with folate which is also a component in caviar and an amino acid known as methionine that protect the liver as well as reverse damage that has already occurred. It is also known to lower cholesterol and homocysteine levels associated with cardiovascular disease as well as provide protections against some types of cancers.
  • Vitamin D is another disease fighting vitamin that is present in caviar. The benefits of this power packed vitamin are supported by several clinical studies some of which are published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The most notable benefits of Vitamin D that is highlighted by research includes its ability to reduce the risks of heart disease, multiple sclerosis, and the suffering associated with flu symptoms.  It is also recognized for its vital role in boosting weight loss, supporting normal bone and teeth development as well as improve resistance against the symptoms of depression.

The health benefits of fatty acids contained in caviar is also well documented.  Nutritional data infer that there are approximately 13 mgs of Omega-6 and 1086 mgs of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in a cup of caviar. Omega 3 fatty acids lower the risk of breast, colon, and prostate cancers as well as reduce incidence of heart attack and strokes.

The most significant mineral content in caviar are calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and selenium. They add to the health benefits received by consuming caviar such as:

  • Calcium that support the building and maintenance of strong bones, enable optimal functions of the heart, nervous system and muscles. Research also suggest that calcium help to protect against the development of cancer, diabetes and hypertension.
  • Magnesium has been acclaimed for everything from squelching chronic insomnia to building stronger muscles. The Mechanism of action of this wonder mineral is said to produce the Growth Factor (IGF-1). It is an insulin-like chemical that contributes to muscle development as well as relax the nervous system sufficient enough to provide mood elevation and deeper sleep.
  • Potassium is another critical mineral found in caviar that also support water balance, electrolytic function, enhance muscle strength, reduce the risks of anxiety, stroke, high blood pressure, heart and kidney disease.
  • Selenium is an antioxidant and important trace mineral that works with the vitamin E content in caviar that may also help to minimize the risks of heart disease and cancer. The caviar health benefits in selenium is most noted however for its ability to boost the immune system and conduct anti-aging activities such as protect the skin from the rampage of free radicals.

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