What is caviar? Know its history and origin.

The caviar is one of the fantastic culinary delicacies appreciated by any fan of haute cuisine and the gourmet world; A luxury product made from sturgeon roe found in the waters of central Asia and eastern Europe. In this blog post, you will learn more about this delicacy, history, and origin.

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The first you know is that the term “caviar” actually comes from the Persian word “Khav-yar,” which means “cake of strength” or “cake of power” because the people of Persia attributed many medicinal powers to caviar.

Webster’s dictionary defines caviar as “the processed, salted roe of a large fish (such as sturgeon).” Caviar is the eggs or roe of the sturgeon fish, it can grow to over 3000 lbs, but averages 60lbs- migratory fish that has roamed the cold waters of the northern hemisphere for over 250 million years.

Sturgeon are found mainly in the Caspian Sea, which laps the shore of the two major caviar-producing countries in the world, Russia and Iran, but located in the Black Sea, some parts of the Pacific Northwest and South Atlantic regions of North America, and is common in the big lakes and rivers in Europe.

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You should know that by tradition, caviar was an independent business of Russia and the Middle East. In the early 1900s, the American sturgeon began to cause a sensation in the world of this delicacy. There was a time when most of the caviar advertised as the most expensive Russian caviar was American caviar.

Also, you should know that caviar’s fame peaked when sturgeon, particularly the Beluga sturgeon, was on the verge of extinction, forcing caviar lovers to look elsewhere for their dose of fish and raise the price of caviar to luxury status. 

Another fact that you know that Today, several factors have caused the US caviar industry to take a huge leap forward. The elements are, first, the depletion of the Caspian Sea sturgeon populations, two, the political turmoil in the significant caviar producing countries- Russia and Iran- and full acceptance of other types of fish roe as lumpfish, hackleback, trout, and salmon, amongst others. All this has created a more significant demand for American caviar, considered by connoisseurs to be a reliable, affordable alternative to Russian and Iranian caviars.

At present, there is an excellent variety of caviar that can be tasted by lovers of this eccentric delicacy; Among the most recognized is the Royal Osetra Caviar, Beluga Caviar, and Kaluga Caviar.

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Caviar is distinguished by having an unusual aroma, which attracts the palate of lovers of the sea. If you are going to try it for the first time, you may fall in love with its intense flavor. However, it is possible that in the first bite, you will not fully feel the taste of this delight. We recommend that you keep trying it more times to understand its real flavor and appreciate all the advantages and varieties of this delicacy.

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