Things To Know About Imported Caviar


When people think about Caviar, the texture, flavors, luxury, and subtle taste of the sea come to mind. In the market, you will find different types of categorized caviars available. But, the premium and top quality choice is Imported Caviar. If you are eager to purchase imported caviar to make your food more delicious, let’s have a look at the best quality imported caviars available online.


Osetra Caviar – The Popular Imported Caviar

This imported caviar is the most popular option. Due to its delicate nature with low salt concentration, it is the most preferred caviar. The egg sizes are usually smaller. It comes in different flavor ranges. Some are buttery, while others are nutty with a pinch of seafood and citrus flavor.

Moreover, the Osetra Caviar is available in different types based on its quality factors, including taste, texture, color, and size. The three major types of Osetra caviar are Royal, Imperial and Classic. With the help of quality features, the caviar experts classify the osetra caviar into their categories.

The highest rank goes to Imperial due to its large size, unique golden color, firmness and great flavor. The Royal Osetra Caviar comes in second place in the ranking. The size is smaller compared to Imperial. It is olive brown with a juicy texture. The classic is less expensive Osetra Caviar with a good flavorful taste. All 3 types are available in online caviar stores.


Imperial Ossetra caviar image

Kaluga Caviar – Enjoy The Earthy Taste 

The imported Kaluga caviar is known as the River Beluga. It is famous due to its delicious flavor. It is gray in color with a gloss texture. You may also notice dark brown and green olive flecks on it. If you love the earthy taste, then it is the best-imported caviar to go for. You can garnish the caviar on your food and enjoy the extremely buttery and earthy taste with a salty feel.

It has now become impossible to get the pure Kaluga caviars. This is because fishing restrictions are regularized in the regions of the United States. But, will get different hybrid choices of Kaluga Caviar online. Also, pure Kaluga Caviar needs excellent growing conditions and preparation. The hybrid one also comes with great and unique taste because of the combination used. The highly recommended and mostly sold Kaluga Caviars are Kaluga Premium, Royal Imperial Kaluga Hybrid and Amur Kaluga.

Caviar spoon Kaluga Image


Sevruga Caviar – Part of Sturgeon Family

The Sevruga Caviar is trim and small when compared to Osetra and Beluga. The taste is similar to Osetra. Hence, it can be an affordable alternative. It is popular due to its exquisite buttery taste. It is smaller in size and has gray caviar. It is the most commonly available sturgeon Caviar among the top imported caviar varieties.

Sevruga Caviar Image


Final Thoughts 

The imported caviars are produced in Russia and Iran from the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. These are further graded according to the egg’s size and processing. However, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife supervises all imported caviar from outside. You can buy imported stuff from certified sellers.




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