The most common types of Caviar

Caviar is synonymous with luxury and quality. There are so many types of Caviar to pick from. Sometimes it turns out to be confusing. Caviar also known as “black gold”  is a rare and expensive delicacy of sturgeon fish eggs. Caviar comes from several species of sturgeon, but beluga Caviar is the largest, rarest, and the most expensive Caviar. However, how expensive or how cheap it can be to buy Caviar is not the topic, the purpose of this blog is to guide you through the most common Types of Caviar and the good news is you can get them all in Caviar Lover. 

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Before jumping into Types of Caviar you should consider some characteristics that apply no matter which Type of Caviar you’re having. Every Type of Caviar has its own unique qualities, from coloring to flavor. For example, Beluga Caviar has a buttery texture and a nutty flavor. Caviar eggs range in color from pure black to a greenish-grey. True Caviar has what some call the famous “Caspian pop” which is when the egg bursts in the mouth.


Caviar is divided into two grades depending on qualities such as size, color, firmness, taste, and aroma. Grade 1 is the firmest, richest eggs and grade 2 is slightly lower in quality. If this is too much for you, no worries! This extra information will surely help you on your hunt for the best Caviar. 


People have been consuming sturgeon Caviar for hundreds of years. Of the 27 sturgeon species, almost all can be harvested for their eggs but beluga, sevruga, and ossetra have long dominated the Caviar world. Some other products known as Caviar substitutes have been gaining popularity since the past years. What are the most common types of Caviar and which are available at Caviar Lover?  Here’s the list: 


Beluga Hybrid Caviar

The most common types of Caviar 1 - Caviar Lover

This type of Caviar combines the size and flavor of  original Beluga with the sustainability and production-speed of smaller sturgeon Caviars. If you decide to try Beluga Hybrid you’ll find out it has a more buttery taste than traditional Beluga, but also, with earthy and nutty notes of premium Siberian sturgeon. Get Beluga Hybrid visiting our imported Caviar section: 



Kaluga Caviar

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Our Kaluga caviar mimics the Beluga hybrid in size of eggs. Its color varies from medium to dark brown with a clear glossy finish, and has a nutty flavor with buttery overtones. Try Kaluga Caviar with any of the following products: 




Osetra Caviar

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Osetra sturgeon eggs are brown to golden in color. The lighter the eggs, the older the fish, and the more expensive the osetra Caviar. It has a naturally salty sea-like taste. Find a great variety of Osetra Caviar in our store: 



Caviar substitutes appeared when people began eating eggs from other types of fish and other species of sturgeon. While they have not reached the level of sophistication as Caspian sturgeon Caviar, these types of Caviar are flavorful and more economical alternatives. 


Salmon roe


Also called “red roe”, is a reddish-orange, transparent mass consumed in some form in most cultures’ cuisines. It has a fresh, salty, and slightly “fishy” taste and It delivers that classic pop when bitten.




Paddlefish caviar

Another freshwater sturgeon from the United States, paddlefish produce eggs similar in taste to the wild sturgeon of the Caspian Sea with a buttery, earthy flavor.


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Now, which sounds like the one you want to try first? Visit our online store in Caviar Lover and find all of these products plus specialities like seafood, meats and gifts. What are you waiting for? Visit us and the best Caviar just a click away from you.