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Did you know any of these 9 caviar facts?

Some of the less common caviar facts is that Sturgeons, the fish species from which caviar is derived predates history records means the story of caviar is layered with countless facts and fiction.  Caviar IS called “the ultimate edible” a term coined by internationally recognized French chef Jacques Pépin. Today, there are a lot of different fish roe that are wearing the caviar label that does not fit into Pépin’s definition or meet authentic “caviar” standards. If this information has pique your interest; or you have ever wondered about these decadent fish eggs,  you may enjoy the following interesting caviar facts

Caviar is another name for a diamond and it suits The Expensive Almas Caviar well as this is being considered the world's most expensive caviar. Almas caviar comes from Iran and it is rare and costly to state the least. The price will leave you thinking...