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How fresh caviar stays so fresh: the art of caviar preparation fresh caviarEvery caviar lover knows that “fresh” is an essential component when it comes to enjoying this delicacy. Improper handling can make even the world’s most imperial caviar a less than special culinary experience.  And, as the demand for this gourmet food increase, more people are purchasing caviar online and seeking information on how caviar is kept fresh. Although there are countless online caviar vendors, not all purveyors are providing a high quality product. To ensure that you are getting fresh caviar be sure that you are purchasing from a reputable caviar distributor. Achieving a high grade product and keeping caviar fresh depends on the expertise and handling of the following steps.
A Quick Overview of the Different Types of Caviar Since the Ancient Greek times of Aristotle, caviar has graced the tables of the royalty and nobility of society. Various lands have historically enjoyed dishes similar to the delicacy under different names and with different preparation techniques, but the “black gold” was made popular globally by Russia. Caviar is derived from the Persian word chav-jar, which means “cake of strength" and traditionally was only sourced from The Caspian and Black Seas much like genuine Champagne is only produced in Champagne, France, however many vineyards across the globe produce their own versions.