Serving Caviar in Holiday Parties

Serving caviar in holiday parties

When it comes to holiday parties, most people pull out all the stops. Windows, doors and stairways are draped in shimmering red, silver and green and the scent of pine help guests recapture fond memories of holidays past.  Nothing however, can make a holiday party as special as a festive table brimming with sumptuous food and beverages. Serving caviar in holiday parties also add an extra touch of elegance that can take the festivities over the edge. Just be sure to get the highest quality caviar that your budget will bear.

Maybe the best reason for serving caviar in holiday parties is ease of preparation. Of course, there is also the element of luxury and the feeling of indulgence that no other cuisine conveys like caviar.  More than any other fare, sturgeon roe or caviar is the epitome of opulence.

Caviar Serving Suggestions

Any gourmet aficionado will tell you that eating caviar off the back of your hand allows you to fully appreciate the pure unadulterated flavor of this delicacy. However, there are less pretentious caviar serving suggestions for enjoying caviar at holiday parties such as:

  • Incorporate seasonal elements into your caviar servings by adding it to classic holiday fare like ham. SBE Chef Jose Andres suggest topping a single slice of ibérico de bellota from Spain, with a spoonful of Ossetra caviar. He swears that this simple elegant presentation will make a definite impression at any holiday party.
  • Add a playful element by having a sampling each of Kaluga caviar, California Royal White Sturgeon, Golden Imperial Russian or Amur Ossetra caviar hand served by a hostess for a fun and truly decadent experience.
  • If serving caviar has not been part of your festivities in the past for you or your guests, why not opt for a traditional caviar set up and service with a “Caviar Bar”. Showcase caviar in an elegant porcelain or crystal server that has been nestled in a shimmering ice filled glass or silver bowl with mother of pearl or horn spoons. Offer your guest classic pairings for ease of service such as bulgur wheat pancakes, toast or crackers. Create an interesting palate of flavor profiles with garnishes such as cream fraiche, horseradish, cucumber slices, chopped eggs, minced onion and chives.

No holiday party is complete without an assortment of appetizers. It’s always a good idea to have one or two popular favorites like a dip and fancy stuffed eggs that can be taken up a notch by making a caviar spread or topping off those “eggs-as-usual” with a dollop of caviar.  However, her are a few more innovative ways for serving caviar in holiday parties this season.

Caviar Recipes for Holiday Parties

  1. Oyster Stew with Caviar add both warmth and comfort to a small winter gathering of family and friends. Allow freshly shucked oysters to marinate in a creamy broth of half-and-half that has been enriched with mascarpone cheese and oyster liquor. Top with a spoonful of Hackleback Sturgeon caviar or salmon roe for a finish with flare.
  2. Festive phyllo purses provide a stunning stage for the shimmering golden roe of Royal Imperial caviar. Layers of lightly buttered dough stuffed with a mushroom or spinach filling then twisted at the top to form a crispy melt in your mouth container for this succulent caviar.
  3. Corn cake with caviar is one of chef Emeril’s favorite holiday recipes. It’s a make-ahead takeoff on a traditional blini that will have you celebrating with your guests rather than standing in front of the stove. The corn cakes are made with a rich corn cake batter with pureed corn then lightly fried to a golden color. Create a colorful caviar cream by combining sour cream, red onions, chives, capers, lemon juice, parsley, pepper, dash of salt and wasabi caviar for an extra crunch. To assemble on an elegant platter; place a thin layer of caviar cream on the plate, arrange corn cakes then add a dollop of caviar cream on each corn cake before topping with a sliver of salmon and a scoop of Bowfin caviar. Garnish with parsley and provide other traditional garnishes for your guests.

Don’t’ forget to pair your caviar recipes with complementary beverages such as an extra-dry Champagne, Franciacorta or vodka.

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