Seafoods and Meats: A Cut Above the Rest

Sure, you know and trust for all your caviar needs, but did you know we’re equally as good at selling fresh seafoods and meats? Use these dishes to complement your dinners served at gatherings, parties and other events to impress your guests with the freshest quality seafood like smoked salmon or fine meat like duck. Discriminating customers like yourself have been trusting since 1984 as their official importer of international farmed caviar and distributor of domestic wild caviar as well as a plethora of international fine foods. As a supplier of our best foods to hotels, cruise lines, country clubs and gourmet stores, puts their all into selecting, preparing and packing caviar – a globally revered delicacy – along with other fine foods such as foie gras and truffles.


Choose us to make your evening truly special with a wide selection of seafood. Here is a sampling of what we offer:

  • Norwegian Smoked Salmon: Made using the finest specially selected fresh Atlantic salmon with 100 percent all-natural fillets.
  • St. James Scottish Reserve: Made from the finest selected fresh salmon, these cuts are smoked for a total of 24 hours originating in Scotland.
  • MacKnight’s Scottish Kings: Originates Scotland’s Hebrides Islands, this salmon enjoys a 24-hour bath in fresh herbs, sea salt and brown sugar before being de-boned.
  • Marinated Anchovies: Anchovy fillets soaked in oil and vinegar, flavored with garlic and basil, perfect for tossed salads.
  • Tuna Fillets: Yellowfin tuna from the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean, prepared in Costa Rica and shipped to you.


Our meats are freshly packed as well, shipped right to your door. We offer duck meats, Spanish meats, sausage, braised boneless beef short ribs, braised lamb shank, and glace. For duck, choose from smoked magret duck breast and leg confit, aged magret duck breast, prosciutto, and moulard. Our Spanish meats include ham, dry cured sausage, Serrano Paleta, and whole bone-in ham. Our sausage selection includes Lamb Merguez Sausage boasting aromatic spices, along with fennel, cinnamon and pepper for spicy heat. You get eight links in one pound.

Bringing almost 30 years of experience to the table, you can feel good about selecting meats and seafoods from us because we bring the same passion to meat and seafood as we do to our caviar. As a result, you get the best possible product delivered fresh to your door, thanks to our name that’s behind all our local and imported products at affordable prices. Choose for your meat and seafood needs the next time you throw a party or other important event where you want the best for your guests.