Russian Osetra Caviar

Caviar Profile: Russian Osetra Caviar

Russian Osetra CaviarThe emergence of Russian Osetra Caviar as one of the most prestigious delicacies in the world today, is the result of pure innovation and passion.  While prohibitive price points and environmental restrictions continue to fan the illusive flame of Beluga caviar, it is also being rivaled by the nutty, creamy pearls of today’s Russian Osetra that is literally bursting with flavor.

A well-kept secret about caviar produced from farm raised Osetra sturgeons is that it exceeds all standards and quality variances that is common with today’s wild sturgeon population. The elegant appearance and decadent taste of this affordable luxury food has been stabilized and enriched through decades of ever evolving, sustainable and environmentally conscious farming methods. Known for their ability to adapt, Osetra fingerlings are brought directly from the Caspian Sea and raised in conditions that closely mimic their original natural environment.  Free of pollutants and the threat of extinction, the Osetra sturgeons produce a high grade caviar with greater flavor consistency.  This also makes it possible to bend on the Osetra Caviar price structure making it more affordable for a greater number of epicureans.

As a transcription of the Russian word “Ocetp” the word Osetra translates to sturgeon in English.  In fact, “osetra” at one time only described Russian sturgeon caviar. As off-springs of the original and ancient Osetra species, this caviar retains its excellency in taste and appearance as opposed to other types of fish roe.  This specie can live for 50 years and reach weights of up to 400 pounds. The most sought after Russian Sturgeon Osetra caviar includes:

  • The Golden Imperial Russian Osetra Caviar which is desired for its firm texture and distinctively nutty and buttery flavor profile. The rich taste and shimmering iridescence of the Golden Russian Osetra consistently achieve top ranking among today’s caviar connoisseurs.
  • The savory brown roe of the Crown Russian Osetra Caviar is another favorite among gourmet enthusiasts. The Malossol or low salt content (less than 3%) of this caviar means it boosts a fresher aroma coupled with a crispy and more vibrant taste. As such, it is always a popular choice from the Osetra collection.
  • Classic Russian Osetra Caviar varies in color from medium to dark brown. The silky smooth texture of the round, plump grains that are reminiscent in essence to fresh walnuts explodes in the mouth leaving a desirable lingering flavor on the tongue.

Adding to the pure enjoyment of this luxury food for todays informed consumer is the recognition that ethical practices spurred by greater awareness and concern for the environment influences the production of farm raised Russian Osetra caviar.  In fact, Osetra caviar producers report that they are now able to offer a pure breed of the Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii Sturgeon or “Russian Sturgeon”.  Some even suggest that, if possible, they have been able to not only perfect but also exceed the standards set by traditional Caspian Caviar. On a global scale, Russian Osetra Caviar has become the most commonly consumed high quality caviar available today.

An important reminder to both caviar newbies and enduring gourmands is that although Osetra Caviar collection rival other costlier brands, it offers a greater range and flexibility in cost.

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