Your Employees Are Tired of the Fruit and Nuts. Here are the Best Employee Gift Ideas  employee-gift-ideas Whether it’s for a birthday, the upcoming holidays or for a perfect project outcome, employee gift ideas are often elusive. Frankly, most employees expect the typical fruit and nut package or gift certificate. A savvy way to switch things up is with a few non-traditional holiday gift basket ideas. The gift basket ideas for employees is a unique and thoughtful way to let your staff know that they are appreciated.  It begins with evaluating your options for employee gift ideas and then checking out the range of holiday gift basket ideas that are available. 

Fish Roe Explained: Fish Roe vs Caviar  Fish Roe vs. CaviarThe frequent interplay on the words fish roe and caviar often overshadow the unique difference between them.  Thanks to the explosion of information available today, the mystique surrounding caviar has been gradually diminishing.  Also, as prohibitive costs for this cuisine moderate and the consumer base gradually expands, the fish roe vs caviar question naturally comes into focus. 

Recipes Using Caviar: 3 Easy Caviar Appetizers Recipes Using CaviarThe great thing about caviar is that you don’t need a lot to make a statement.  As our global community shrinks and the spectrum of interest in caviar broadens, more people are wanting to experience this luxury food. Presenting a tray of appetizers topped with this delicacy has the power make a mundane dining event a little more memorable.  As a result, people are getting more creative about using caviar in recipes.  So, go ahead and wow your guest at the next party or impromptu gathering of friends with these three easy appetizer recipes using caviar.

What is Kaluga Caviar kaluga caviarThe decadent flavor of Kaluga Caviar has made it one of the world’s most sought after gourmet foods. In fact, it so closely captures the unique essence of the Beluga Caviar that it represents a fierce competitor to this rare variety that is restricted to sell in the US. Often referred to as “River Beluga” the hybrid Kaluga Caviar is the sustainable answer to the endangered Beluga or European sturgeon population.  As such, consumption of Kaluga Caviar replicates, and for some, may even exceed the exquisite culinary experience of the illegal Beluga Caviar. 

A little known secret about American Caviar is that it has been more popular than perceived for a long time. Since the 19th century, the world’s caviar was produced in the United States, Europe, Black Sea and Caspian Sea.  In the meantime, overfishing, pollution and a ban on endangered Caspian Sturgeons have been gradually collapsing traditional Caviar sources Caspian Sea causing a resurgence in the demand for American Caviar and Farm Caviar. As a result, caviar producers in America are meeting the demand while simultaneously striving to develop more self-sustaining production systems for the best Domestic Caviar.

Caviar Etiquette As one of the world’s most exquisite delicacies, it is not surprising that preparation, serving and eating of caviar also comes with some specific guidelines.  For instance, it is considered boorish to overindulge in more than two small dollops of caviar that is being served at an elegant function as an appetizer.  So, if you have acquired the taste for this decadent fare, it may not be a bad idea to embrace the art and flare of caviar dining with a look at some well-worn caviar etiquette that can make the difference between simply eating caviar and having an elegant dining experience.

So What Exactly is Royal Imperial Caviar? Royal Imperial Caviar is a Bemka’s brand stand out among the varieties of eggs harvested from the Acipenser Dauricus and Acipenser Schrenckii species of the sturgeon fish. Our high selected Royal Imperial, with its succulent eggs, is light brown to golden in color, and has a firm texture with a creamy buttery finish. A relic of the past, these sturgeons have a lifespan of up to 65 years. Their potential to grow in great lengths and in some instances, range in weight from 80 to upwards of 350 pounds no doubt, contributes to the superior and robust taste which closely mimics the most expensive Caspian Caviar.

How fresh caviar stays so fresh: the art of caviar preparation fresh caviarEvery caviar lover knows that “fresh” is an essential component when it comes to enjoying this delicacy. Improper handling can make even the world’s most imperial caviar a less than special culinary experience.  And, as the demand for this gourmet food increase, more people are purchasing caviar online and seeking information on how caviar is kept fresh. Although there are countless online caviar vendors, not all purveyors are providing a high quality product. To ensure that you are getting fresh caviar be sure that you are purchasing from a reputable caviar distributor. Achieving a high grade product and keeping caviar fresh depends on the expertise and handling of the following steps.

A Quick Overview of the Different Types of Caviar Since the Ancient Greek times of Aristotle, caviar has graced the tables of the royalty and nobility of society. Various lands have historically enjoyed dishes similar to the delicacy under different names and with different preparation techniques, but the “black gold” was made popular globally by Russia. Caviar is derived from the Persian word chav-jar, which means “cake of strength" and traditionally was only sourced from The Caspian and Black Seas much like genuine Champagne is only produced in Champagne, France, however many vineyards across the globe produce their own versions.