National Caviar Day

Did you know that caviar has its very own day to honor it? The precious sturgeon roe is celebrated on July 18th of every year. Caviar Lover can help you celebrate this joyous occasion by providing the best tasting, highest quality caviar to enjoy with family and friends.

National Caviar Day

Origins of National Caviar Day

While the origins of National Caviar Day remains unclear, it’s still a great excuse to enjoy all things caviar.

Did you miss it this year? That is fine. National Vodka Day is on October 4th, and caviar contains acetylcholine, which improves alcohol resistance. You can celebrate both vices in one day!

How to Celebrate National Caviar Day

The best way to make sure you are prepared for National Caviar Day is to make sure you have not only the right caviar on hand, but also the proper tools to enjoy it properly, including a mother of pearl spoon to serve it without spoiling it’s unique flavor and plenty of blinis and creme fraiche to pair it with.

Of course, the end of the celebration should be marked by your favorite dessert, whether that is milk chocolate fused with almonds or even just a glass of your favorite wine – there are no rules for National Caviar Day! All we ask is that you share your celebration with us on social media and follow us on Facebook