National Caviar Day: Luxurious and Delicious

Caviar is such a big deal. Proof of that, it has a national day. National Caviar Day is celebrated nationwide on July 18 every year. Although the origins of National Caviar Day remain unclear, it’s still a great excuse to enjoy all things Caviar. Take advantage of this special date to take your taste buds on an adventure by ordering it at that restaurant on your wishlist. Or why not order different types  of Caviar and try them all? Call your friends for a dinner party and Caviar to impress! Now, if you need some recipe ideas Caviar Lover has prepared for you a couple of recommendations but first in honor of National Caviar Day let’s remember some facts on Caviar’s history and production. 


History of Caviar 

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The Sturgeon fish may be one of the oldest animals on earth. Going back 250 million years to prehistoric times, the sturgeon has been a part of the Middle Eastern and Eastern European diet of human beings. Of the 27 species of sturgeon, only 7 are farmed for their roe: the eggs of the fish. Caviar has been enjoyed by peoples as diverse as the Byzantines, the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Kievan Rus and the Persian Empire. Traditionally, Caviar only refers to wild sturgeon caught in the Caspian and Black Seas’, but this changes depending on the country. During the early 1900s there was a Caviar boom in the US and since then it never stopped.  As a consequence of a high demand and farming, the sturgeon was overfished nearly to the point of extinction. 



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One of the reasons Caviar is known as a luxurious delicacy is because of its process. It takes seven to 10 years for the fish to be ready to be harvested for its eggs. The eggs can account for up to 18% of the weight of the sturgeon. When ready for harvesting, the sturgeon will contain tens of thousands of eggs. At seven years of age, only about 10% to 20% of fish are typically ready for harvesting. Fish that are not yet ready are added back into the tank for another year of growth. During the next processing step, the fish are purged in clean water tanks. This step is important to remove off-flavors.The fish are rapidly stunned, and the two ovaries are removed by a process called “stripping” that extracts the Caviar through a small incision in the fish wall.  Another process for removal of the roe is by massaging the eggs out of the fish. These very fragile eggs are then chilled and gently removed by hand from the membrane by rubbing the eggs against a mesh screen. The Caviar is then weighed carefully and salted. Caviar will absorb the salt for six minutes to several hours. After that the next step is draining  the Caviar and soon later it’ll be ready for packing. 


How to celebrate Caviar Day? 


The best way to celebrate National Caviar Day is to make sure you have the right Caviar ready to serve but also be prepared with  the ideal tools to enjoy it properly.  These include a mother of pearl spoon to serve it without spoiling its unique flavor and plenty of blinis and creme fraiche to pair it with. Of course, this celebration should be marked by your favorite dessert and drink. You could try from milk chocolate fused with almonds or even just a glass of your favorite wine or champagne. Don’t forget a shot of vodka is always right if you wanna go for a classic. But there’s something missing ¡Appetizers! Try some of these two recipe ideas for  Caviar Day and your celebration will be all set. 


Cucumber Appetizers Bites

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2  cucumbers

8 ounces cream cheese

1/4 cup sour cream

Smoked Salmon thinly sliced


Fresh dill


First, slice the cucumbers into round pieces to use as your base. Making the cream cheese base is easy, by mixing in some sour cream. That’s it. But don’t skip the sour cream, as it adds a smoothness and mellowness to the flavor, and is easy to spread. Make sure you mix the ingredients together until they are fully mixed. Second and last, toppings! Smoked salmon is always a great pair with Caviar. Put it on top of the cucumber base, add the cream, a spoon of Caviar and a touch of fresh dill. Voilá! 


Smoked Salmon and Fresh Cheese Roll-ups

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Smoked salmon

Cheese (any variety of fresh, creamy)



This is a three step recipe ideal for those running out of time. Cut the smoked salmon into rectangles. Place a small dab of cheese in one of the corners of the salmon and roll it up. Present the salmon roll-up on a spoon garnished with Caviar.

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Now you’re ready to celebrate Caviar Day. Buy the Caviar you’re looking for visiting our online store. You’ll find the best selection of high quality Caviar – Imported and domestic- soon to be in your home with just one click. And Happy Caviar Day!