Luxurious and different gifts for a special date.

You are looking for what to give to your couple or your friends on a particular date. A birthday or perhaps an anniversary is coming up, and you have no idea what you can do to celebrate that special moment with those people you love so much. Still don’t know what spectacular gift to give? How about you read this blog, and we give you some ideas?

Luxurious and different gifts for a special date 1 - Caviar Lover

We have all gone through that moment when a special date is approaching to share with your friends or the anniversary with your partner is coming, and we do not know what to do to make that day extraordinary


Then the need arises to make an unusual gift in which we want to show off with those people we love so much. We know that this happens very often, sometimes we run out of new ideas and we want to do something different for those people, so we spend hours thinking about what we can make that day: a picnic with friends, or a romantic dinner on the beach, no sounds not wrong right? But what is missing from that to be the ideal gift? If you are searching, we want to give you some luxurious and different gift ideas with which you can show off on this particular date.

Luxurious and different gifts for a special date 3 - Caviar Lover

Well, let’s start thinking about what would be the ideal space. You could decorate a space in your house, buy tablecloths and feel of a picnic in the park or a place where you can watch the sunset on the beach. But wait, something super important is missing for that gift to be perfect: rich food.


At Caviar Lover, we have three packages that will undoubtedly be ideal for this occasion. We will tell you each one and what it includes.


option number 1: “classic”

Buy the set and enjoy a spectacular and gourmet dinner/brunch with your couple. The package is perfect for two people.

Luxurious and different gifts for a special date classic brunch - Caviar Lover

This classic brunch/dinner  includes:

– 1 California Premium White Sturgeon caviar (2oz)

– 1 Smoked Scottish salmon (4oz)

– 1 Bemka white truffle sunflower oil

– 1 Blini (16 counts)

– 1 Creme fraiche (8oz)

– 1 Sliced ​​Iberico Ham (2oz)

– 1 Wild Boar Salami (6.5oz)

– 1 Rosemary & Olive oil Asiago cheese (5.3oz)


Option number 2: “Deluxe”


Give your loved ones the most irresistible and luxurious experience. 

Perhaps the kitchen is not your strong suit. However, we know that with this option you will unclog your friends.

Luxurious and different gifts for a special date DELUxe brunch - Caviar Lover

This deluxe Brunch/dinner includes:


– 2 Crown Ossetra caviar (1oz)

– 2 Royal Imperial Caviar (1oz)

– 1 Blini (30 counts)

– 1 Creme fraiche (8oz)

– 1 Scottish smoked salmon Pastrami (4oz)

– 1 Bemka white Truffle extra virgin Oil

– 1 Sliced Iberico Bellota Ham (2oz)

– 1 French Rosette Salami (6.5oz)

– 1 Four slices per tray Foie Gras (1.5 oz. portions)


Option number 3: “Premium”


If what you want is to surprise your partner and friends, offering them a luxurious meal full of exquisite flavors, this will be your best option.

Luxurious and different gifts for a special date premium brunch - Caviar Lover

This Premium Brunch/dinner includes:

– 1 Classic Russian caviar (2oz)

– 1 Scottish reserve smoked salmon (8oz)

– 1 Foie gras in tin (90 gr)

– 1 Blini (16 counts)

– 1 Creme fraiche (8oz)

– 1 Sliced Iberico Bellota Ham (2oz)

– 1 Duck Salami (6.5oz)

– 1 Salsa tartufata (500 gr)


Another delight that should not be missed on this occasion is that together with your friends and partner, you dare try an exquisite delicacy. Yes, we are talking about Kaluga Caviar, it has a creamy texture and a nutty flavor, and its color is very particular. You should see how fine your table will look with this dish. Dare to try Kaluga Caviar!

Luxurious and different gifts for a special date kaluga - Caviar Lover

Of course, do not hesitate to accompany this occasion with chocolate, wine, and good music. Without a doubt, this will make the night magical, and of course, you will have enjoyed an evening with a luxurious and different gift for your friends and your partner.


If you don’t know how to prepare a table for this occasion, here are some tips:


  1. Choose special tableware.
  2. The tablecloth you choose must hang 50 cm and be ironed.
  3. Place a flower arrangement and candelabra candles as the centerpiece.

What are you waiting for to dare and do something extraordinary for those you love?


We hope we have been of help so that you shine by offering exquisite dishes to those you love the most on your special dates. Remember that one way to show love is feeding and in the best way. We love being your accomplice in these gifts!