RECIPE: duck magret breast ballotine with foie gras and truffles

Ballotine de magret de canard farcie au foie gras et truffes 

Fall is at our doors, Halloween, thanksgiving  are coming … and you don’t even know how you’ll surprise your family. Here is an idea: a french dish. Benjamin Kalifa, french and private chef in Miami, gave us the keys :


                                                              Ingredients (for 2)

1 duck magret breast

50 g of raw foie gras déveiné

1 coffee spoon of truffle oil

50 g spinach sprouts

½ black summer truffle

1 onion

file1 - Caviar Lover50 gr green asparagus

1 betterave rouge

1 sweet potato

25 cl whipping cream (liquid cream)



Salt and pepper

Some alfalfa sprouts




1) Remove the tin of the duck magret breast and flatten it out. Then split in 2 equal parts.

2) Make the stuffing :

  • To one side, season the foie gras and put it on the tan. Remove the grease
  • To the other side, cook finely chopped onions with sugar on a tan, then add spinach sprouts. Add these ones on the first tan with the fois gras with grated truffles, salt, pepper and a coffee spoon of truffle oil.

3) On a table, put the duck magret breast on a plastic film and add the stuffing (keep some for the sauce later), add salt and pepper. Then roll it until you have the ballotine (budding).

4) Cook the ballotine (with the plastic film) in a double boiler few seconds. Then remove from the water and allow it to cool down.

5) Remove the plastic film and cook it in a tan with the tin of the duck that you remove previously and butter to color the budding. Add salt and pepper and cool down.

6) Make the sauce with the foie gras you kept, whipping cream, salt and pepper.

7) Now for the sides :

  • Make sweet potato pucks and roast it with the duck grease (the tin) for 10 minutes low heat. Add salt, pepper, curcuma and a little bit of water.
  • Bleach the asparagus in a boiler water bath. Then cook them also in the duck grease.
  • Make beet slices.

Now it’s your turn!

file 1 - Caviar Lover